Clif Family Winery & Farm Wins 2024 Mindful Award For “Nuts Product of the Year”

Annual Awards Program Recognizes Top Mindful Companies, Services and Products Within the Packaged Goods Industry

LOS ANGELES, June 11, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The 2024 Mindful Awards Program, an independent recognition platform highlighting conscious companies and products that mindfully make waves in the ever-expanding world of consumer-packaged goods, today announced that the Organic Salt & Vinegar Mixed Nuts from Clif Family Winery & Farm, known for their organically farmed Napa Valley wines and specialty foods, have been selected as “Nuts Product of the Year.”

“Created by Clif Family’s Culinary Team, the Organic Salt & Vinegar Mixed Nuts are made with the highest quality, organic ingredients.” The blend features almonds and cashews seasoned with salt and vinegar, and each packet is certified organic and plant based. The savory nut mix can serve as a solo snack, a feature of charcuterie, or paired with wine, or cheese. It can also be added to salads and more.

Additional ingredients include Organic Canola Oil, Salt, Organic Peanuts, Organic Cane Sugar, Organic Roasted Sesame Seeds, Organic Honey, Organic Tamari, Organic Sesame Oil, and Cayenne Pepper. The mixed Tocopherols provide valued antioxidants.

In addition, the product’s revamped packaging features eye-catching colors and graphics, and sustainable materials.

“This isn’t your average nut mix. Clif’s Salt & Vinegar Mixed Nuts take a classic combination and give it a gourmet twist. The delightful flavor caters to anyone craving a classic tangy taste, and they’re perfect for mindful snacking or elevating any meal,” said Travis Grant, Managing Director, Mindful Awards. “Congratulations to Clif Family for winning the ‘Nuts Product of the Year’ award as a testament to all their meticulously handcrafted foods. Their commitment to promoting organic and sustainable agriculture, fair labor practices, and packaging ensure the building of a better future for all.”

The mission of the Mindful Awards program is to honor conscious CPG companies and products that offer transparency to consumers, pay workers fair wages, ensure sustainable business practices, use recycled or recyclable materials, and create healthier products using natural or organic ingredients. This year’s program attracted thousands of nominations from companies all over the world. All nominations are evaluated by an independent panel of experts within the consumer-packaged goods industry.

"As a certified B Corp, Clif Family Winery & Farm is committed to sustaining our people, community, planet, brands, and business," said Linzi Gay, President of Clif Family. "By offering more variety with our Savory Nut Mix line, we support our mission to elevate and nurture delight in the everyday. Similar to all of our food products, our Organic Salt & Vinegar Mixed Nuts have been crafted with care using only the finest, high-quality, organic ingredients, ensuring each bite is good for the planet and your palate.”

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The Mindful Awards organization is devoted to honoring mindful companies in the consumer-packaged goods industry that are setting the foundation for our future. Mindful Awards are devoted to providing a forum for public recognition around the achievements in categories Food, Beverage, Snacks, Supplements, Home, and Personal Care. Our mission is to bring awareness to the benefits of mindfulness and its impact on society as a whole. We believe that through mindfulness, we can create a more compassionate and sustainable world.

About Clif Family
In 2004, Clif Bar co-creators Gary Erickson and Kit Crawford embarked on a new venture, founding Clif Family Winery & Farm based on their shared commitment to crafting delicious, small-batch food and wine while prioritizing the well-being of people, the planet, and the community. Guided by a dedication to the highest quality with the lowest environmental impact, Clif Family offers a diverse portfolio that includes organically farmed Napa Valley wines and specialty foods, including Solar Grown Honey, Savory Nut Mixes, Fruit Preserves, Wine Jellies and Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Clif Family farms 90 acres of organic vineyards and a 10-acre vegetable garden, olive grove and fruit orchard in the Napa Valley.

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