OTI Lumionics Selects Nord Quantique to Test New Quantum Computing Applications for Materials Science

Entities to spend $5 million CAD to examine new methods that could open doors in semiconductors, pharmaceuticals and other industries

TORONTO and SHERBROOKE, Quebec, June 11, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- OTI Lumionics, a leader in the development of production-ready advanced materials for consumer electronics, and Nord Quantique, a quantum computing company with the industry’s most advanced quantum error correction, today announce a new strategic partnership. Specifically, the partners will be working on electronic structure calculations, vibronic spectra and ab initio molecular dynamics (AIMD) using quantum simulations. The objective of this testing is to identify improved efficiencies for the development of advanced materials with potential applications in multiple industries beyond display, including semiconductors, pharmaceuticals and specialty chemicals.

“From our experience with other quantum computing designs, we know that other architectures such as photonic, ion-trap and neutral atom quantum computers are not viable for running electronic structure or vibronic spectra calculations. We’re working with Nord Quantique because their unique architecture may be the only one suitable for these applications,” said OTI Lumionics Vice President of Materials Discovery Scott Genin. “AIMD has potential for a wide range of applications, so while OTI predominantly operates within the display industry, we see additional opportunities and use cases here, and we are excited to explore those together.”

Nord Quantique’s distinctive architecture and approach to quantum error correction offers the possibility of achieving fault-tolerant quantum systems sooner, using far fewer qubits than competing designs. This approach also offers fast computational speeds and low energy consumption. When coupled with OTI Lumionics’ innovative approach to materials discovery, this may bring new possibilities for identifying new materials, shorter times to bring them to market, and reduced overall development costs.

“We are very pleased to be working with OTI Lumionics to demonstrate how the quantum computers Nord Quantique is developing may perform applications others cannot execute. Identifying real-world use cases has been a challenge for many in our industry, and we’re very excited to have the opportunity to dive deeper into this challenge with such a prestigious partner,” said Julien Camirand-Lemyre, President and Co-Founder at Nord Quantique. “We’d also like to thank NGen for their generous financial contribution to this project.”

NGen, an innovation cluster whose Advanced Manufacturing Quantum Program supports the commercialization of quantum technologies, has awarded the partners $2 million CAD ($1.5 million USD). Both companies will use the funding to hire and grow their teams, source equipment and carry out the necessary testing.

Backed by display industry leaders, like LG Technology Ventures, Samsung Ventures and UDC Ventures, OTI Lumionics uses quantum simulations to create production-ready advanced materials for under-display sensing in consumer electronics such as OLED smartphones, tablets, laptops and more. If successful, this partnership could lead to significant additional innovations in pharmaceuticals, photovoltaics and semiconductor materials.

About OTI Lumionics

OTI Lumionics develops production-ready advanced materials for best-in-class consumer electronics. OTI is the first to develop quantum computing methods for industrially relevant materials design and apply them to commercial problems. OTI is currently delivering key enabling materials for OLED displays developed using its platform to leading display manufacturers for use in next-generation consumer electronics and automotive. For more information on OTI Lumionics, visit www.otilumionics.com.

About Nord Quantique

Founded in 2020 in Sherbrooke, Quebec – Canada’s leading quantum hub, Nord Quantique is committed to overcoming the challenge of quantum error correction, today’s principal barrier to fault-tolerant quantum computing. The company has demonstrated a scalable technology surpassing the competition in the race to deliver error-free quantum computing, by building error correction directly into each individual qubit and through the application of bosonic codes. Few errors combined with fast calculation speeds means the company will be able to deliver useful quantum computing sooner, without having to scale to millions of qubits. For additional insight into our pioneering work, please visit our website.

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