Webinar to Discuss the Future of Internal Combustion Engines in Light-Duty Vehicles in the United States

Auto Analyst Alan Baum Discusses New White Paper

Washington, D.C., June 13, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Consumers have an ever-increasing number of vehicle choices and fuel options for their personal mobility. The market for new electric vehicles is growing, representing 9.5% of new light duty vehicle sales in 2023, more than doubling from 2021 (4.3%), according to the Alliance for Automotive Innovation.

At the same time, automakers continue to produce increasingly efficient advanced vehicles powered by gasoline, hybrid-electric and diesel internal combustion engines. These vehicles represent approximately 90% of the market today.

Automakers are at the forefront of introducing zero emissions vehicle technologies, with a primary focus on electrification. Government regulation has established the parameters for transitioning to more fuel efficient and zero emissions vehicles over the next eight years. A wide range of technical, and global market and business considerations continue to emerge impacting the adoption of electric vehicles and continued use of vehicles powered by internal combustion engines.

What lies ahead for consumers and personal mobility choices? How might the cars and trucks we drive change as the United States works to decarbonize? What might the future look like for the internal combustion engine?

Long-time auto industry expert analyst Alan Baum, of Baum and Associates, will discuss the issues and answer these questions during a webinar hosted by the Engine Technology Forum (ETF) on June 27.

“I’m pleased to host what’s sure to be a lively discussion. We hope auto enthusiasts, industry leaders, and members of the media will join us as we explore the new white paper ‘Insights on the Future for Internal Combustion Engines Powering Passenger Vehicles in the US’,” says ETF Executive Director Allen Schaeffer.

The digital event will be from 11:00 am to noon on June 27. Admission is free, however registration is required through the link below.


Live Webinar Registration Link: https://events.zoom.us/ev/Aq0H6a9Is5Z33KjIGTr9KmpRAE2SXqbi8YGH9vuffyENqd2467ME~AkR7dX5ji3Dh-OHNQh0fKw_yEDFSLknrk3EhgDk89Cu__GVa8Sz8TOrxBg


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