Subskribe Announces Zeppa, New CPQ Customization Language

SAN RAMON, Calif., June 13, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Subskribe, the Adaptive Quote-to-Revenue Platform for modern SaaS, today announced the launch of Zeppa, a rules-based, natural language tool that makes it incredibly easy for SaaS businesses to customize their quoting processes.

Selling SaaS is complicated. Each company has its own myriad specific rules around regions, products, discounts, packages, and more. When it comes to quoting, there is very little standardization. That means that SaaS businesses often need to customize their CPQ software for something that isn’t supported “out of the box.” Often, these necessary customizations fall to expensive certified consultants or trained engineers, who could better spend their time working on core company products rather than tweaking go-to-market tools.

Zeppa’s simple workflows are a much-needed feature for SaaS businesses, and yet no other CPQ provider offers such a business-forward and user-friendly tool for customizations.

“Just as Subskribe is purpose-built for SaaS companies, Zeppa has been designed to be a precise tool for SaaS quoting — a tool that anyone can read and use to make customizations,” said Prakash Raina, Co-Founder of Subskribe. “Zeppa transfers the power of customizing your quoting process from consultant developers to your business users who actually understand your business.”

Zeppa supports a wide range of actions and conditions through an intuitive language that is easy for non-engineers to adopt, understand, and build upon. Business users create specific customizations by defining rules and following Zeppa prompts to identify related triggers, conditions, underlying actions, and who the rule will impact. Once a rule has been set, it will automatically be applied to relevant orders so there’s no need to make changes to orders manually or individually on a one-off basis.

“Zeppa gives us the security and peace of mind that we have the controls we need when it comes to selling,” said David Ma, VP of GTM Ops & Strategy at Zip. “With a fairly complex product set, we have dozens of product combination rules that are difficult to maintain and can cause confusion with sales reps. Zeppa allows us to grow, knowing that we only sell what is allowed.”

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