ElmediX Plans Series A Round Based on Strong Signals in a Clinical Study for Pancreatic Cancer Patients at the University Hospital Antwerp (Belgium)

A novel and innovative approach to treating metastasized cancer, starting with the very lethal grade 4 pancreatic cancer. 

Earlier this year, scientists from Columbia University in New York demonstrated that the growth rate of pancreatic cancer, measured in patients' blood using CA19-9 as biomarker, determines survival chances and can be used as a quick way to assess treatment effectiveness. At the end of a treatment cycle, both the patient and the treating physician have a clear view of the treatment's effectiveness. 

ElmediX is demonstrating strong signals of effectiveness of its new hyperthermic treatment in a clinical study for pancreatic cancer patients at the University Hospital Antwerp (UZA; Belgium) based on the CA19-9 platform. The treatment platform is influencing multiple pathways to treat the tumour. "The ElmediX's systemic hyperthermic treatment is a broad-spectrum therapy that targets seven different defense mechanisms of cancer cells," says Prof. Dr. Dirk Ysebaert, one of the Principal Investigators of the MATTERS Study at UZA.

Promising Signs of Effectiveness and Safety of the ElmediX TempoCure® Treatment Device

The results of the American study add an extra dimension to the clinical study ElmediX is conducting at the University Hospital Antwerp (Belgium). Ten patients, including five with metastatic pancreatic cancer, were treated with ElmediX's new therapy. A total of 25 treatments were performed using the ElmediX TempoCure® treatment device.

ElmediX collected CA 19-9 values from these pancreatic cancer patients. The analysis shows significant decreases in CA 19-9 after thermal treatment, predicting significant life extension. In pancreatic cancer patients, a decrease in CA 19-9 was recorded after a single treatment (up to 60%). A key advantage of thermal treatment is that it can be repeated over time. This opens up significant prospects for transforming pancreatic cancer from a deadly disease into a chronic one.

Moreover, no severe, dose-limiting side effects related to the thermal treatment were observed in any of the patients. Only fatigue was noted in the days following the therapy.

Based on these results, ElmediX is planning a Phase II study for pancreatic cancer patients. The funding for this study will be through a capital increase. This Series A round (up to 5 million euros) will allow further demonstration and quantification of the effectiveness of thermal treatment for pancreatic cancer patients, aiming for an accelerated regulatory pathway.

The detailed results of this First-in-Human study at UZA will be announced at a world oncology congress.

About Thermal Therapy

Thermal therapy is a treatment modality for cancer patients in which the patient's body temperature is precisely and controlledly increased to kill cancer cells, boost the immune system, inhibit direct tumor growth, and enhance the sensitivity of other complementary cancer treatments.

Thermal therapy is toxic to cells in hypoxic (low oxygen) and low pH environments, conditions specifically found in tumor tissue due to insufficient blood flow.

Thermal therapy can also be synergistically used with other cancer therapies by:
- Activating immune cells
- Shrinking tumors
- Increasing the effectiveness of chemotherapy
- Damaging radio-resistant cancer cells
- Enhancing the effectiveness of radiotherapy
- Reducing pain and improving quality of life

More about thermal therapy can be found at elmedix.com.

About ElmediX

Founded in 2015 as a spin-off from the University of Antwerp (Belgium), ElmediX aims to develop a disruptive solution for pancreatic cancer and other metastatic cancers. With seven patent families protecting ElmediX technology, the company has established a strong IP position worldwide (EU, USA, China, and Hong Kong). The company also holds trademarks in the same regions.

Co-founders Professor Dr. John-Paul Bogers and Engineer Johan Van den Bossche are respectively the CEO and Chairman of the Board. The company can be reached through its website or through investors@elmedix.com