Hydrogen Powered Internal Combustion Engines are the Focus of a Live Webinar & White Paper

Washington, D.C., June 18, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- You’re invited to attend a webinar on July 24 to explore the use of hydrogen in internal combustion engines, featuring leading industry engine and equipment makers, as well as suppliers.

The Engine Technology Forum’s live webinar will discuss using hydrogen in internal combustion engines (H2-ICE), as well as the key challenges for the engine and fuel. Panelists will examine where H2-ICE fits in the energy transition, as well as what use applications are most likely in the future.

You can expect to learn about hydrogen as a fuel, advantages of H2-ICE over other decarbonization strategies, information about its cost, as well as related policies.

The speakers will also address the challenges hydrogen needs to overcome in the future.

Panelists include:

  • Dave Frohberg, Chief Engineer, Natural Gas and Alternative Fuels, Caterpillar

  • Puneet Jhawar, General Manager – Alternate Fuels and Fuel Delivery System Business, Cummins

The presentation format will allow for a broad consideration of the key issues surrounding H2-ICE adoption. Speakers will answer questions from the audience after the group discussion and brief presentations.

In addition, the Forum will simultaneously release a white paper ‘Hydrogen for ICE’ by Dr. Ameya Joshi of MobilityNotes. Joshi will give a brief overview of the white paper.

The event is on July 24, from 10:30-1145 a.m. ET. Admission is free, however advanced registration is required through this link: https://events.zoom.us/ev/AtUWoVV6djdycWze-H5ipEUWtTpGJLfyC25aknWQzMdPCb7e_qcL~Ah9FrnLJsVg0HF9mX5wyhHohr_6WFX8aQFw44wrx8v-qLKvhy8fvOSxvew

ETF’s digital event series will continue throughout the year Look for those announcements in the webinars section of our website. (Our next event is on June 27th as we discuss What’s the Future for Internal Combustion Engines in Light-Duty Vehicles in the US.)


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