SMX Accelerates Connectivity for American Samoa with the Contribution of Eight Starlink Systems

KAPOLEI, Hawaii, June 24, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- SMX®, a leader in next-generation mission support, digital transformation, and IT solutions, announced today that it will be donating eight Starlink systems to the American Samoa territory. Of the eight systems, two will be donated to the Lyndon B. Johnson (LBJ) Tropical Medical Center, with the remaining six being gifted to the American Samoa Department of Education (DoE). This initiative marks a significant step towards enhancing connectivity and reliability for the island's healthcare and education.

American Samoa, a U.S. territory in the South Pacific, faces unique challenges in accessing reliable internet connectivity due to its remote location. SMX is committed to bridging this digital divide and fostering education and healthcare opportunities in the region, starting with the Starlink systems.

Starlink systems are advanced satellite internet constellations developed by SpaceX, offering high-speed internet access to remote areas. With the constellation of low Earth orbit satellites, Starlink systems provide a reliable internet connection, overcoming geographical barriers and traditional infrastructure limitations.

Two of the Starlink systems will be donated to the LBJ Tropical Medical Center, the primary hospital serving the territory of American Samoa. These terminals will provide reliable, high-speed internet access, ensuring seamless communication and access to vital medical resources. This upgrade is expected to significantly improve patient care and operational efficiency, especially in emergency situations where quick access to information can be life-saving.

“American Samoa's LBJ Hospital is thrilled with SMX’s contribution of cutting-edge connectivity solutions to the island through the celestial domain. By utilizing Starlink technology, our goal is to enhance the hospital's capabilities and open new avenues for collaboration with medical professionals worldwide. This initiative will enable us to connect with a diverse range of medical teams, including specialists in cardiology, neurology, oncology, pediatrics, orthopedics, and more, ensuring comprehensive care for our community,” said Fonoti DW Jessop, Board Member of LBJ Tropical Medical Center.

The remaining six Starlink systems will be donated to the American Samoa Department of Education. These systems will be distributed across various educational institutions to bridge the digital divide and enhance learning opportunities for students. With additional internet connectivity, schools will be better equipped to offer remote learning options, access to online educational resources, and improved communication between educators and students.

“The American Samoa Department of Education is excited to collaborate with SMX to introduce advanced connectivity solutions and celestial systems to the island,” said Dr. Bone Taase, Assistant Director for the American Samoa DoE. “By harnessing Starlink technology, we aim to empower the educational community in American Samoa, creating new opportunities for learning and growth.”

The donation of these Starlink systems aligns with SMX's focus on leveraging technology to accelerate educational opportunities and community development. Through partnerships and initiatives like this, SMX remains committed to driving innovation and transforming lives through technology.

"At SMX, we believe in the power of technology to transform lives and support communities," said Dana Dewey, Mission Solutions Group President at SMX. "By providing these Starlink systems to the LBJ Hospital and the American Samoa DE, we aim to facilitate better healthcare and educational outcomes, ensuring that both sectors can thrive in today's digital age."

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