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GoGuardian Introduces One-Click Tutoring Support for Students With GoGuardian Teacher and Pear Assessment
27 mars 2024 09h03 HE | GoGuardian
Pear Deck Tutor integrations with GoGuardian Teacher and Pear Assessment provide educators one-click access to personalized learning support for students
Rich Preece
GoGuardian Appoints Rich Preece as CEO
22 mars 2024 09h44 HE | GoGuardian
GoGuardian Appoints Rich Preece as CEO
GoGuardian Launches Pear Deck Learning, a Comprehensive Ecosystem of Innovative Learning Tools
22 janv. 2024 09h01 HE | GoGuardian
GoGuardian unveiled a unified ecosystem for its curriculum and instruction products under a new name: Pear Deck Learning.
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GoGuardian Joins Industry Commitment to Responsible AI Development In Educational Technology
24 oct. 2023 12h05 HE | GoGuardian
GoGuardian joined SIIA in announcing an industry-wide commitment to principles ensuring the responsible development and use of AI in edtech.
Edulastic Launches AI Capabilities Designed to Save Teachers Time and Support Positive Learning Outcomes
14 sept. 2023 09h04 HE | GoGuardian
LOS ANGELES, Sept. 14, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- GoGuardian, the leading digital learning company providing simple, proven solutions to create effective, engaging, and safer learning environments,...