PsyCan Welcomes Expansion of Insurance Coverage for Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy in Alberta
02 avr. 2024 09h30 HE | Psychedelics Canada
Psycan announces that Blue Cross Alberta has issued a notice to prescribers that it will reimburse patients for Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy
Canadian Psychedelic Trade Association Endorses Senate Report Calling for Research into Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy
08 nov. 2023 16h50 HE | Psychedelics Canada
PsyCan Endorses Senate Report into Psychedelic Treatments for Veterans
The Future of Psychedelic Access in Canada: PsyCan Releases White Paper Reviewing Regulatory Options for Psychedelics
03 oct. 2023 07h00 HE | Psychedelics Canada
PsyCan, the trade association for the for-profit psychedelic medicine industry, releases a white paper on how Health Canada can improve access to therapies