CES holograms XR AV Tech
Faith Popcorn Named Official Futurist of Proto Hologram
12 janv. 2024 12h24 HE | Proto
Las Vegas, NV, Jan. 12, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Proto Inc. announced today at CES 2024 that Faith Popcorn, Futurist, author, and founder & CEO of Faith Popcorn’s BrainReserve, has been...
tvScientific and Blockgraph Announce Partnership to Enable First Party Data Activation for Direct-To-Consumer Advertisers
12 janv. 2024 11h00 HE | Blockgraph
NEW YORK, Jan. 12, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- tvScientific, the performance advertising platform for connected TV (CTV), and Blockgraph, a privacy-focused data collaboration platform, announced today...
Quanta and Ambarella Expand Strategic Partnership to Innovate Broader Range of Cutting-Edge AI Solutions
11 janv. 2024 05h00 HE | Ambarella
Quanta and Ambarella today announced during CES the expansion of their strategic partnership.
Hanvon Ugee logo.PNG
Hanvon Ugee Debuted at CES 2024 with Innovative Digital Drawing and Writing Solutions
10 janv. 2024 07h46 HE | Hanvon Ugee
Las Vegas, NV, Jan. 10, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Hanvon Ugee, a global leader in digital drawing and writing, showcased its latest innovative products and solutions at the highly anticipated CES...
Ivee Expands Reach in New York, Chicago and LA with Leading Taxi Operator, Creative Mobile Technologies (CMT)
10 janv. 2024 06h00 HE | IVEE INC
Ivee Expands Reach in NYC, Chicago & LA with Leading Taxi Operator, Creative Mobile Technologies (CMT); software & ads products to reach 25M+ passengers/yr
Magna next gen eDrive
Magna Unveils Next Generation eDrive at CES 2024
09 janv. 2024 14h10 HE | Magna International Inc.
Lightweight, compact and sustainable product offers added efficiency and powerNew eDrive solution offers unique ability to rotate 90 degrees around drive axisVersatile application can serve as primary...
Magna Impaired Driving Prevention Technology
Magna Advances Road Safety With Impaired Driving Prevention Technology
09 janv. 2024 14h05 HE | Magna International Inc.
Technology to help enhance detection of impaired driving, a leading cause of traffic-related fatalities in the U.S.The passive system approach uses both vision and infrared sensor...
Jabra Elite 8 Active Range Navy Dark Grey Black Caramel
Jabra Announces Cutting-Edge Updates to Elite 8 Active and Elite 10 at CES 2024
09 janv. 2024 11h00 HE | Jabra
Jabra unveils a suite of experience-enhancing updates to its latest Elite wireless earbuds, the Elite 8 Active and Elite 10, at CES 2024.
CHERRY XTRFY Reveals Entire Range of New Gaming Products at CES
09 janv. 2024 09h00 HE | Cherry Americas, LLC
CHERRY XTRFY at CES releases a new generation of gaming gear including MX2A switch keyboards and mice that feature incredibly fast 8000 Hz technology
TuneIn Logo.png
TuneIn Brings Its Global Radio Service to VIZIO Smart TVs
09 janv. 2024 09h00 HE | TuneIn
SAN FRANCISCO, Jan. 09, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- TuneIn, the world’s leader in live audio, announced today that listeners can now stream their favorite audio content on VIZIO. The TuneIn app’s...