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Achiko’s Commercialization Update: Optimized Second-Generation Covid-19 Diagnostic Test Receives Full Product Registration Approval in Indonesia
08 déc. 2021 07h50 HE | Achiko AG
Second-generation of AptameX, Achiko’s innovative DNA aptamer diagnostic test for Covid-19 has received full approval in Indonesia for five yearsProduction of the second-generation AptameX kits to...
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Achiko’s Position on Omicron Variant
02 déc. 2021 07h30 HE | Achiko AG
The chemical mode of action of AptameX, Achiko's rapid Covid-19 test, strongly suggests that Omicron can be detected as reliably as any other Covid-19 variant known to dateAchiko’s highly effective,...
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Achiko Initiates Development of Dengue Diagnostic Test
05 nov. 2021 07h30 HE | Achiko AG
Achiko to develop dengue fever diagnostic test by applying its DNA aptamer technology platform. This is another promising application of the technology that Achiko is already successfully using to...
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Achiko Secures Initial Sales of AptameX Covid-19 Diagnostic Test
27 oct. 2021 07h30 HE | Achiko AG
Achiko has received its first purchase order in Jakarta and Bali in Indonesia.The orders translate to 20,000 tests - while modest in size, the order is expected to pave the way to rapid adoption by...
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Market Outlook and Production Plan Update for AptameX
20 oct. 2021 07h30 HE | Achiko AG
After receiving product and registration approval from Indonesia’s Ministry of Health in August, Achiko is positioned to produce up to a million AptameX test kits in Q4 2021, and more if the supply...
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Achiko Launches Covid-19 Testing Pilot Program in Indonesia
07 oct. 2021 07h30 HE | Achiko AG
Launch of pilot program in Indonesia for Achiko’s proprietary, low-cost rapid Covid-19 diagnostic test, AptameX, alongside its sister digital passporting service, Teman Sehat (“Health Buddy”).Purpose...