Wereldhave was assigned Long-Term Issuer Default Rating and senior unsecured rating of ‘BBB’ from Fitch Ratings
22 mai 2024 00h58 HE | Wereldhave N.V.
Wereldhave N.V. (“Wereldhave”) is pleased to announce that Fitch Ratings has assigned a Long-Term Issuer Default Rating (IDR) and senior unsecured rating of ‘BBB’ to Wereldhave. The Outlook on the IDR...
Wereldhave strengthens its credit profile and achieves 2023 financing objectives with new long-term funding from US Private Placement market and Belgian banks
30 nov. 2023 01h00 HE | Wereldhave N.V.
Wereldhave signed the agreement which was announced in our press release of 1 November 2023, with US institutional investors to issue US Private Placement notes (USPP) for an amount of USD 50 million...
Wereldhave announces refinancing of Revolving Credit Facilities and Supervisory Board changes
20 oct. 2022 01h00 HE | Wereldhave N.V.
Refinancing of Revolving Credit FacilitiesWereldhave N.V. refinanced its 2017 syndicated Revolving Credit Facility (‘RCF’) with a new five year € 225m syndicated sustainability-linked RCF, pushing out...
Wereldhave N.V.: Moody’s recognizes Wereldhave’s improved financial profile
16 sept. 2020 13h05 HE | Wereldhave N.V.
Moody’s Investors Service (“Moody’s”) recognizes the improved financial profile of Wereldhave N.V. (“Wereldhave”). Moody’s has confirmed the corporate family rating and the rating on the senior...