Hillstream BioPharma R&D Day Highlights Ferroptosis, the Non-Genetic Novel, Emerging Mechanism of Action, Targeting Drug Resistant and Devastating Cancers
02 mars 2022 08h37 HE | Hillstream BioPharma Inc.
HSB-1216’s active moiety in clinical pilot study produced a 71% response rate in TNBC and epithelial carcinomasHSB-1216 was recently granted Orphan Drug Designation to treat Uveal Melanoma by the...
Hillstream BioPharma Receives Orphan Drug Designation for HSB-1216 for the Treatment of Uveal Melanoma
16 févr. 2022 09h40 HE | Hillstream BioPharma Inc.
-Uveal melanoma is an aggressive intraocular malignancy with a poor prognosis in which 50% of patients develop metastatic disease- -Evidence implicates ferroptosis, an emerging iron-mediated cell...