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Achiko AG Production and Sales Update
21 déc. 2022 07h42 HE | Achiko AG
AptameX™ Gen 2 Covid-19 rapid calibration outperforms Abbott Pan Bio and Clugene’s rapid tests in Indonesia in validation tests.Sample of 20 PCR Positive and 9 Negative samples, indicated a 100% match...
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Achiko AG Strengthens Senior Team with Appointment of Head of Corporate Development
27 janv. 2022 07h30 HE | Achiko AG
Achiko AG appoints David Hodge to the role of Head of Corporate Development in SwitzerlandDavid Hodge will oversee Corporate Affairs, and Strategic and Corporate DevelopmentBoard Director Christophe...
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Achiko’s Position on Omicron Variant
02 déc. 2021 07h30 HE | Achiko AG
The chemical mode of action of AptameX, Achiko's rapid Covid-19 test, strongly suggests that Omicron can be detected as reliably as any other Covid-19 variant known to dateAchiko’s highly effective,...