ArchivalCD Signs With SquareCD

Kearney, Nebraska, UNITED STATES

CROCKETT, Texas, Nov. 14, 2000 (PRIMEZONE) -- ArchivalCD, Inc. (pre-IPO OTCBB:AHCD) has chosen to work with SquareCD, Inc. in the creation and production of its CD-based catalog. Needing to publish catalogs twice a year on CD, and for marketing purposes, ArchivalCD has decided to use shaped CDs. ArchivalCD would have the capacity to produce catalogs on pre-shaped CDRs but the quantity needed twice per year would cause unacceptable interruption in normal production.

"Not only are we choosing SquareCD(tm) to produce our semi-annual catalogs we have made a preliminary agreement to seek a strategic alliance with SquareCD," states Daniel J. Hay, CEO of ArchivalCD(tm). "We would be capable of providing the scanning and digitizing services that many of their customers need and they are capable of CD creation and/or replication that we think many of our clients will need. The cross-marketing of services between two companies with such similar looking names can actually be an added benefit to marketing efforts."

"If cross-marketing through a strategic alliance with SquareCD becomes a reality we think their international presence, including the United Kingdom and Australia, can be a great key to opening doors to additional clients. We tend to make three or four copies of every CD we produce.On rare occasions we might make twenty, fifty, or even ninety. Making more can disrupt our production process and interfere with our guaranteed ship-date so it will be nice if we can direct the greater quantities to SquareCD to keep our clients happy and our production uninterrupted," said Hay. Actual terms of a potential strategic alliance still remain to be negotiated.

Formed in 1997 with offices in Seattle, SquareCD incorporated February 1999 then opened its New York office in October of that year. Recently locations have been opened in Japan, Italy, and the United Kingdom. "With our exclusive alliances in Asia and the US we have secured the best pricing and have developed the highest quality products in the marketplace. Our plants are all full service ISO 9002 facilities and have the capacity to handle any size order," said Pam Cetina, VP Marketing. By using leading edge technology SquareCD created a product that literally changes the way companies advertise and present their products and services. SquareCD has set the pace for the industry as the leading CD-Rom Business card and custom shaped products producer. For additional information contact or call (877)778-2732.

ArchivalCD provides document management services specializing in digital imaging of microfilm and paper for historic archiving. This is a preliminary announcement and the company can not be assured that an acceptable strategic alliance will be completed. The expected features and agreements of a strategic alliance may be changed at any time without prior notice due to contractual agreements, market changes, competitive pressures, programming requirements, and marketing needs or other factors which the company may become aware of at later date. ArchivalCD and SquareCD are unrelated companies.

ArchivalCD is a trademark of ArchivalCD, Inc. SquareCD is a trademark of SquareCD, Inc


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