AU-System Launches Positioning Engine; A New Solution for Development of Location-Based Services

Stockholm, SWEDEN

CANNES, France, Feb. 19, 2002 (PRIMEZONE) -- AU-System, 3GSM World Congress: AU-System, which is part of the Teleca group, is today launching a new solution for location-based services, the AU-System Positioning Engine. The aim is to be able to offer a solution that makes developing and supplying positioning services for operators, service developers and content providers considerably easier. The Positioning Engine solves many of the integration problems that currently exist between positioning technology and content, for example, between operators' billing and security systems and content providers' services.

"Positioning services have been pointed out as the next big area of expansion in the mobile data market," comments Goran Lawesson, segment manager at AU-System. "The Positioning Engine bridges the gap between technology and content and makes it easier to develop new services, thereby speeding up the creation of a much wider range of services than exists today."

In practice the AU-System Positioning Engine is located on the operator's premises. An open interface means that service developers can use positioning data or ready-made location-based content to create new services. By means of the so-called Content Broker, participating content providers can sell their content to participating service developers. A specially adapted technical interface enables the Positioning Engine to work with position-determining equipment from several different suppliers at the same time.

AU-System is presenting several of its own location-based services based on the Positioning Engine in its stand (E70) during the 3GSM World Congress on 19-22 February in Cannes, France. The services include Nearby Me, which enables users to receive offers from nearby restaurants, shops and similar services, and Find My Friend, which enables users to locate friends and other users who are also connected to the service.

About AU-System

AU-System - part of the Teleca group - is a leading supplier of consulting solutions based on emerging IT and telecommunications technology. The company also provides integrated marketing communications services through its subsidiary SandbergTrygg. AU-System was founded in 1974 and employs about 1,000 people located in Sweden, United Kingdom, Italy, United States, Thailand and Singapore. For more information please visit

About Teleca

Teleca is one of Europe's leading high-end consulting groups focused on new technology and R&D. The group's business concept is to strengthen its customers' market positions and times to market. This is achieved by providing professional teams with specialist technical expertise, working in partnership with development-intensive companies worldwide. The group has more than 2,200 employees in 13 countries, with a strong presence in the Nordic region, UK and France. Teleca is quoted on the Attract40 list of Stockholmsborsen (Stockholm stock exchange). For more information please visit

Technical facts about the AU-System Positioning Engine


 -- Positioning Engine works with all existing positioning
 -- Positioning Engine's open XML-based interface means it can be 
    integrated with any content or service provider
 -- Positioning Engine can be integrated with an operator's existing 
    systems for billing, security, subscriber information, and so on
 -- Positioning Engine is independent of network equipment or 
 -- Positioning Engine supports all types of transmission technology,
    such as SMS, WAP and web


 -- Administration centre - contains all administrative functions,
    for example, concerning content or service providers
 -- Alarm manager - manages alarm information and relays it to the 
    customer's central alarm system
 -- Authenticator - ensures that only authorised content or service 
    providers can use the operator's positioning services
 -- Billing engine - creates billing information based on different 
    billing methods
 -- Content broker - makes it easy to provide and use content from 
    various suppliers
 -- Geocoder - enables service providers to receive positioning data 
    that includes more than just geographical coordinates, for
    example, regional information and interesting sights
 -- Log manager - creates logs to enable tracking
 -- Privacy manager - enables users to decide when and to whom their 
    positions are allowed to be known
 -- Rendering engine - adapts content to different terminals and 
    display sizes
 -- Statistics manager - generates statistics for all components of
    the system
 -- Technology broker - makes it possible to use several different 
    positioning technologies simultaneously and choose the right 
    technology to suit each individual user's equipment

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