Succesful Results From Two-Year Follow-Up Study on Artimplant's Spacer Presented in Amsterdam

Stockholm, SWEDEN

STOCKHOLM, Sweden, May 27, 2002 (PRIMEZONE) -- Patients with thumb-base arthritis in the first joint of the thumb (CMC-1) were treated with a "spacer implant," the Artelontm Spacer CMC-1. Patients demonstrated enhanced gripping strength and reduced pain as early as six months after the operation. Follow-up results two years after surgery on patients in the pilot study were presented at FESSH, the European congress of hand surgery, in Amsterdam. After two years, patients demonstrated further improvement in gripping strength and pain reduction compared to patients treated with traditional methods.

Thumb-base arthritis is the most common type of injury in the hand resulting from wear and tear. It strikes as many as 15 percent of all women and about 5 percent of men over the age of 55. Patients experience severe pain and a greatly reduced ability to use the thumb to grip objects. The most common treatments are various types of braces and ultimately arthrodesis or tendonplasty, but the results of these treatments are not considered satisfactory.

In the pilot study, five patients were treated using Artimplant's spacer method and five using tendonplasty. The study is being conducted at Sahlgrenska University Hospital in Gothenburg under the leadership of Dr. Anders Nilsson.

A multicenter study has begun involving 108 patients at six clinics in Sweden.

Artimplant expects its spacer implant will be approved for sale in Europe, through CE certification, during 2003.

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Artimplant specializes in biodegradable materials for use in orthopedic surgery. Artimplant is active in the research, development, and manufacture of biologically degradable implants with the goal of recreating active lives for patients. The biodegradable material the Company has developed is based on a new technology that is opening new markets in the field of orthopedic surgery as well as other specialized fields where there are significant medical needs. Artimplant has already developed and patented several different degradable ligament implants, now undergoing clinical trials. The Company is focusing on three high-priority areas for its degradable material, called Artelontm: an augmentation device for anterior cruciate ligament reconstruction, hand surgery, and augmentation sutures.

Artimplant is listed on the O list of Stockholmsborsen, the stock exchange in Stockholm.

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