bTrade Introduces TDAccess to Connect with IBM Business Exchange Services

New Service Will Help Deliver Secure Communications over the Internet

Irving, Texas, UNITED STATES

IRVING, Texas, June 11, 2002 (PRIMEZONE) -- bTrade, inc., today announced that IBM Global Services, a global provider of value added network (VAN) and IP based services has certified TDAccess(TM) as fully interoperable with the Internet transfer feature of IBM Application Hosting - Business Exchange Services. TDAccess is fully interoperable with two Internet-based communications interfaces (EDIINT-AS1 and EDIINT-AS2) used for the secure exchange of business documents over the Internet.

Companies can now use one universal product called TDAccess to securely exchange business documents over the Internet and reach legacy business partners through IBM -- Application Hosting -- EDI Services and Business Exchange Services. TDAccess may be downloaded from the web and comes pre-configured to securely communicate with IBM services accessed through the Internet. This product may be installed and running within minutes.

"We have an excellent history working with bTrade in delivering traditional EDI solutions and we are excited that we can now expand the relationship to our Business Exchange Services offering," said Piero Chiodo, Director Global e-business Hosting Services. "We are providing businesses with the flexibility to choose the best solution for their data exchange needs, allowing them to quickly establish new trading relationships with customers, suppliers and business partners."

TDAccess matured through a nine-year heritage of supporting direct connections to IBM's Information Exchange commerce engine and a six-year heritage of supporting direct connections to the Information Exchange TCP/IP based FTP Gateway for the Internet. IBM's FTP gateway is used to enter Information Exchange via the Internet and securely exchange business documents using FTP.

"As enterprises and their applications become more collaborative, especially outside their four walls and beyond corporate firewalls, bTrade products securely extend IBM Customer's reach. In addition, bTrade allows connection to 100% of their trading community," said Bill Morgan, EVP & Chief Solutions Officer for bTrade.

EDIINT technologies originated from market demands for an interoperable means for businesses to securely exchange Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) information over the Internet (EDIINT) via email (AS1) or Web (AS2) with a functional acknowledgement used for non-repudiation of the transmission.

CommerceNet originally sponsored EDIINT interoperability testing in 1999. The Uniform Code Council (UCC) assumed responsibilities for moving certification procedures forward and bTrade, inc. has been an active member of interoperability testing with the UCC since 2000.

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bTrade, inc. ( has more than eleven years of experience providing over 100,000 trading partners in a Global 2000 customer base with universal platforms that offer secure data transport, translation and transformation applications. bTrade, inc. links e-Business partners and communities without requiring changes to any existing applications while dramatically reducing, if not eliminating, the associated risk, complexity, time, and cost.

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The mission of the Uniform Code Council, Inc., is to take a global leadership role in establishing and promoting multi-industry standards for product identification and related electronic communication. The goal is to enhance supply chain management thus contributing added value to the customer. For more information visit:

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