Nokia provides MMS network solution to Optus in Australia


Nokia is supporting Optus’s launch of Australia’s first commercial MMS (Multimedia Messaging Service) service by providing an end-to-end MMS network solution.
Due to be launched at the end of August, MMS is the next generation of mobile messaging allowing users to send and receive colour pictures, photographs and even audio messages signalling a shift from text-based SMS to multimedia communication via mobile phone handsets.
The Nokia MMS solution gives mobile subscribers with MMS phones the ability to send and receive text, images, graphics and sound blended into a single rich message.  MMS-capable phones can also send multimedia messages via the internet, to any e-mail address or to legacy GSM terminals using an SMS notification. The Nokia MMS solution allows as well for easy configuration of the phone, to ensure a richer out-of-the-box experience.
Beyond the launch of MMS, Nokia and Optus are also actively cooperating on future MMS application development though their joint FutureLab project.
Richard Kitts, Director of Operations, Nokia Networks said, “We are providing Optus with an MMS solution for content access as well as person-to-person mobile messaging including from handset to email, email to handset or between applications and handsets.  This will help ensure that the user experience is simple and fun."
“Building on the huge worldwide success of SMS, we believe MMS will become a mass-market mobile data service that appeals to all consumer segments and expands the possibilities for new applications and services,” Mr Kitts said.
Allen Lew, Managing Director, Optus Mobile said, “Optus has a strong reputation for leading the way with innovative mobile data services and we are excited about taking the next step in the mobile data revolution by giving our customers the first chance to experience MMS."
“In addition, through our work with Nokia in the FutureLab we will continue to provide Australians with access to the latest mobile technology and more importantly applications and services which are useful and relevant in their daily lives,” Mr Lew said.
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