MediaCorp Worldwide Announces New Dimension of Freshness with the Jumbo Salad Blaster

Wichita, Kansas, UNITED STATES

OVERLAND PARK, Kan., Sept. 17, 2002 (PRIMEZONE) -- Demonstrating its continuing commitment in the development of promising consumer products, MediaCorp Worldwide is pleased to announce the release of a second line of salad mixers: The Jumbo Salad Blaster.

With a solid record of bringing together inventors, retailers and business partners to develop innovative household product lines, MediaCorp has established itself in the business community through worldwide distribution and high standards of integrity.

"Over the years, we have developed a strategic formula for getting a new product off the ground and into retail chain stores, by building consumer awareness in a short period of time with the implementation of a sales-generating mass marketing approach," said account executive Earl Pardo.

The original Salad Blaster is an example of that strategy. With sales exceeding the 1 million mark, there is no questioning the success of this product.

Utilizing two compartments -- a tumbler for the salad and a cap inside the lid for the dressing -- the Jumbo Salad Blaster eliminates having to eat a soggy salad, or having to pack a second container for the dressing. The user simply presses the top of the Jumbo Salad Blaster to release the dressing into the salad below, gives the tumbler a few gentle shakes; and, voila! a freshly mixed, crisp salad is ready to be enjoyed.

While the original Salad Blaster could only accommodate enough salad for one person, The Jumbo Salad Blaster will enable consumers to provide salads for larger gatherings, such as company potlucks or family picnics. The simple-yet-innovative design of this device makes it easy to take anywhere. The Jumbo Salad Blaster can be stored in a refrigerator or a cooler to keep the ingredients crunchy and garden-fresh until ready to be eaten.

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