New Treatment for Cancer; New Book Reveals Recent Medical Experiments That Produce Potential Treatment for Cancer

Bloomington, Indiana, UNITED STATES

BUDAPEST, Hungary, Oct. 30, 2002 (PRIMEZONE) -- New treatment for cancer? While possible answers to this seemingly hopeless question may have sounded preposterous years ago, the hope to come up with a powerful and effective antidote is finally here at the start of the new millennium. Renowned molecular biologist, pioneer in the field of cancer research, and author Gabor Somlyai bares the latest and very promising test results of his breakthrough medical experiments in cancer research in "Defeating Cancer! The Biological Effect of Deuterium Depletion" (now available through 1stbooks Library).

Somlyai is an expert in the field of genetic engineering and gene mapping. His deep interest in investigating the cause and effects of cancer was ignited by no less than fellow Hungarian and Nobel-prize winner Albert Szent-Gyorgyi, who theorized that the true origin of cancer might be found at sub-molecular level. Somlyai has worked in genetic engineering and gene mapping since 1982, working at Georg-August University (Germany) and University of Missouri Columbia. Somlyai began his ambitious research on the biological effects of deuterium-depleted water or Dd-water in 1990. According to Somlyai, the medical results so far have been astounding. Healthy cells quickly adapted to the lower deuterium concentration, whereas tumorous cells were unable to do so. Thus the majority of cases resulted in the destruction of cells, a decrease in tumorous mass, or its total regression. The first anti-cancer drug has already been registered for veterinary use in Hungary and the human drug development is in progress.

"Based on our observations so far, we can state that with the consumption of Dd-water the lowering of D-concentration may inhibit tumor growth and consequently may lead to partial or complete tumor regression," Somlyai explains. Gabor Somlyai was the first man to ever investigate the possible role of naturally occurring deuterium in living organism. Through this groundbreaking book, Somlyai has successfully sparked hope to millions afflicted with the deadly disease. He currently resides in Budapest, Hungary.


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