This Journey Toward Destiny; Arizona Poetess Documents Life's Journey Through Poetry

Bloomington, Indiana, UNITED STATES

MESA, Ariz., Oct. 30, 2002 (PRIMEZONE) -- Life is an experience. Just ask anyone who has lived their life with their eyes open and they will tell you that life is not so much about how many days you have been alive, but, more so, about what you have done with those days.

As a poet and writer, Geri Ahearn has looked at her personal life journey through unique eyes. "Life's Poetic Journey" (now available from 1stBooks Library) is her answer to the question "What did you do during your time on Earth?" Her answer? "I lived it!" Ahearn saw each experience as a chance to write and a chance to forever document pieces of the world. A compilation of her memories since childhood, "Life's Poetic Journey" is a work of inspiration, faith, and eternal hope.

"Every poem is a painting, each poem being a different color, and life itself is the portrait," Ahearn says. Writing about people who became legends, her love for nature, and the simple joys in life, "Life's Poetic Journey" is a rare glimpse into the heart of soul wandering this crazy world.

Life is about having courage and strength to continue living through the dark spots in life. We must always be moving forward -- through both the storms and the sunshine of life -- if we are ever to reach the end of our journey.

Geri Ahearn was born in Brooklyn, N.Y. and lived in Long Island for forty-five years. Most of her life was devoted to a career in nursing. Now a resident of Mesa, Ariz., Ahearn's favorite hobby is gardening, but she calls writing her passion. She has been writing poetry for five years, being published in Southern Breezes by PoetWorks Press, and Angel News Magazine. Her two chapbooks, Inspirations and Words To Live By, were published by Plowman.

At its heart, "Life's Poetic Journey" takes the reader to the center of humanity. Ahearn says, "If we believe in ourselves, we can believe in others. If we are happy with ourselves, we can make others happy. If we help ourselves, we can help others. Love is the portrait of life. We add the colors to how it's lived and learned."


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