"The Allure and Enchantment of Egypt": Author Shares Her Experiences as an American Woman Living in Egypt

Bloomington, Indiana, UNITED STATES

LUDINGTON, Mich., Oct. 30, 2002 (PRIMEZONE) -- "Ahmed pushed me with force pinning me against a wall and fervently began to kiss me. I was stunned and struggled with all of my might to free myself from his unwanted advance." This is just one of the compelling and sometimes delightful experiences of the author, Patri Bohj, who traveled to the land of her dreams, Egypt. Her accounts and observations as an American woman living in Egypt are detailed in her poignant nonfiction chronicle, "The Allure and Enchantment of Egypt" (now available through 1stBooks Library).

Bohj shares with the reader her moments of elation and despair as she dares to go to a place where she has never been before and meets with Internet friends for the first time. Aside from her personal tales, Bohj gives the book true zest and a Middle Eastern flavor by using many Arabic Egyptian words throughout the book along with their English translations. This, along with Bohj's use of photographs, helps to bring the story alive to the reader.

Some of the actual names of the individuals in the story have been changed and for good reason. "Ahmed persisted with all of his superior strength. This couldn't be happening! This was a boy who I had counseled on the computer and treated as a son." The pages of "The Allure and Enchantment of Egypt" are filled with many traumatic, frightening episodes, but in between these pages there are also enchanting experiences. The reader will no doubt be bedazzled and shocked at the same time by the journey this American woman took into such a strange and foreign land.

Patri Bohj resides in western Michigan with her husband and has one grown son. She works as a tutor for West Shore Community College and as a seamstress and artist out of her home.


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