Nada Nutria Saves the Day!; A Nutria and Her Cousins Embark on an Adventure

Bloomington, Indiana, UNITED STATES

METAIRE, La., Oct. 30, 2002, (PRIMEZONE) -- Nutria were brought to Avery Island, to a salt dome, by Mr. Ned for experimental stock breeding purposes. The experiment became a wonderful story of cousinship and love when a hurricane put Nada, a half-blind nutria and her cousins, on an adventurous quest in Ann Conti Morcos' latest offering, "The Tale of Nada Nutria" (now available through 1stBooks Library).

Nada and her nutria cousins escape after a hurricane hits and destroys their pen. Nada runs towards Mr. Ned's house; her cousins run off in different directions, prompting Nada to search for them in other salt domes. As she finds each of her cousins, she discovers that they have changed in behavior after being influenced by life on other salt domes. While Nada works at bringing her nutria cousins back home to Avery Island where they can continue their nutria traditions, but she fails in her attempt.

In her quest to bring her cousins together, Nada finds herself being attacked by an enemy named Gertrude Gallinule and struggles to escape. Her cousins eventually find Nada and cheer her up while an egret arrives to tell the group of some strange happenings at Jefferson Island. Intrigued and alarmed by the news, Nada goes on to Jefferson Island and finds Lothario's family trapped under a collapsing house. Nadia frees Lothario's family at great risk to herself. Seeing how Nada has risked her life for them, Nada's cousins are ashamed and agree to return and live together on Avery Island where they continue to live happy lives.

Though aimed at youngsters, "The Tale of Nada Nutria" is equally appealing to all ages. Ann Conti Morcos teaches the value of comradeship, unity and love through Nada's adventures.

Ann Conti Morcos has published over seventy newspaper and magazine articles, three short stories, four work-for-hire books, has written a screenplay, and has edited a number of medical and science textbooks. A former English, Sunday school and preschool teacher, she continues to share her passion for reading to kids through her writings.


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