20-Minute Professor is Offering its New and Effective High-Speed Homework Software FREE to Parents of School-Aged Children

Free Guide Eliminates Homework Hassles!

Flourtown, Pennsylvania, UNITED STATES

FLOURTOWN, Pa., Dec. 30, 2002 (PRIMEZONE) -- Fred Catona, former award-winning teacher and President of 20-Minute Professor.Com, announced today that his company is making its new Homework Software available to parents of school children at no cost or obligation.

"This program will help any and all schoolchildren do better homework in less time," said Mr. Catona by telephone from his office. "It's our way of introducing parents to our unique line of educational software products."

"Parents will find that High-Speed Homework will not only help children to improve their grades, it will also stop those terrible homework hassles. This Software Program promises better-educated children and happier parents. The two go hand in hand. The better a student does in school, the happier his parents will be!"

The 56-page Software Program helps kids establish good working habits that they will use for a lifetime. It contains hundreds of secrets, hints, tricks and easy-to-use methods that mean higher grades, possibly a better college and improved chances for success in life!

To get a Free copy of this exciting Homework Guide parents may simply go to www.20minuteprofessor.com and sign in.


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