Shares subscribed with B warrants in Vaisala Group


Vaisala Oyj       Stock Exchange Announcement 31.3.2003 at 14.40  1(1)
In March, 2003 a total of 7 000 Vaisala A-shares were subscribed forwith the B warrants attached to the Bond Loan 1997 issued to the key personnel of Vaisala. As a result of the subscriptions the share capital of Vaisala was increased by 7 000 new A-shares, i.e., by EUR 2,943.49. The corresponding increase was registered in the Finnish Trade Register on the 31st of March, 2003. As a result of theincrease, the share capital of Vaisala is now EUR 7,349,905.89 and thetotal number of shares is 17,479,000.
The first dividend is payable on new A-Shares for the year 2003. An application will be made to admit the new shares for trading on the Helsinki Exchanges 1st April 2003.
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