Altair Nanotechnologies, Inc. Reports Positive Results from In Vivo Testing of RenaZorb

Reduction of Phosphate Established in Animal Testing


RENO, Nev., April 11, 2003 (PRIMEZONE) -- Altair Nanotechnologies, Inc. (Nasdaq:ALTI) reported today that data from laboratory testing and animal testing of RenaZorb(tm), the company's new drug candidate for phosphate control in kidney dialysis patients, has demonstrated significant effectiveness in binding phosphate. The new laboratory test results, conducted by a pharmaceutical company, confirmed earlier in vitro testing conducted in Altair's laboratory. Positive results from animal testing are required to progress to eventual testing in humans.

The recently completed study tested both RenaZorb "B" and RenaZorb "H" in rats. Over the entire testing period, rats treated with RenaZorb showed excellent reductions of phosphorus in urinary excretions. Reduced urinary phosphorus is considered positive proof of the drug's efficacy in binding phosphate. RenaZorb reduced phosphate progressively according to the dose administered. There was no reduction in food intake by the animals and there were no negative observations regarding the animals during the duration of the testing program.

Test results showed that RenaZorb "B" was effective at a dosage level of 0.3 percent of diet resulting in a greater than 400 percent reduction in urinary phosphate excretion. RenaZorb "H" reduced urinary phosphate by approximately 200 percent at a dosage level of 0.3 percent of diet and displayed a 260 percent reduction at a dosage level of 0.6 percent of diet.

With the completion of the laboratory and initial animal testing of RenaZorb, Altair believes that RenaZorb has significant advantages when compared to Genzyme's Renagel(tm), the only non-calcium based drug for phosphate control approved by the FDA. "These advantages could include," stated Altair President Dr. Rudi E. Moerck, "lower dosing, no acid burden, higher selectivity for phosphate and ultimately, lower patient cost." Dr. Moerck went on to add that the FDA has issued an approvable letter to UK-based Shire Pharmaceuticals for Fosrenal(tm), the first lanthanum-based pharmaceutical for phosphate control in dialysis patients. RenaZorb, also based on lanthanum chemistry, may offer cost, performance, and dosing advantages when compared to Fosrenal.

Altair also announced that it had received a separate report on testing of RenaZorb in rats and dogs from another pharmaceutical company. Confidentiality agreements do not permit Altair to disclose the results of this report.

"The conclusion of the first phase of in vivo testing represents a milestone in the development of RenaZorb," said Dr. Moerck. "The results achieved in the animal tests combined with our earlier laboratory results provide clear evidence that RenaZorb is a viable drug candidate for phosphate control in kidney dialysis patients. The results from the study also have allowed Altair to make adjustments in RenaZorb's formulation that should further enhance its phosphate binding performance. We are in discussions with four pharmaceutical companies and will make our in vivo testing results available to potential licensees of RenaZorb." Dr. Moerck went on to note that the use of RenaZorb for phosphate control in feline and canine applications is currently being explored with interested companies.


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Forward-Looking Statements

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