Anoto -- Interim Report January -- September 2003


LUND, Sweden, Nov. 11, 2003 (PRIMEZONE) -- Anoto

 -- Sales increased by 21 % to SEK 151 million (125), of which SEK 52
    million (44) is attributable to the third quarter. Gross margin for 
    the period was 46% (36%), of which 45% (49%) in the third quarter. 
    The expanded gross margin is due to increased license and 
    development revenues, to SEK 69 million from SEK 45 million.

 -- Pre-tax loss before depreciation and amortisation amounted to SEK 
    -- 131 million (-279), of which SEK -39 million (-75) is 
    attributable to the third quarter.

 -- Earnings per share amounted to -2,51 (-4,74) of which -1,09 (-1,78) 
    in the third quarter.

 -- Anoto presented cost cutting measures and downsizing of Anoto Group 
    and Anoto AB. The company has given some fifty employees notice. 
    The staff reduction is brought about by much of the basic 
    development being completed, and the fact that Anoto partners are
    carrying out a larger part of the product development and

 -- The downsizing will help to gradually lower group costs to
    approximately SEK 11 million per month. Full effect of the cost-
    cutting program will be achieved as of the second quarter 2004.

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