ECP offering priced at € 26.00 per depository receipt; 3.1 million new depository receipts will be issued.


Eurocommercial Properties N.V. ("ECP") today announced that the book of demand for the offering of new depository receipts ("DRs") launched yesterday morning was closed at 17.30 hrs CET yesterday. The size of the offering has been fixed at 3.1 million new DRs. The new DRs will be issued at price of € 26.00 each, generating total gross proceeds of approximately € 81 million.
Payment for and delivery of the DRs will take place on Monday 25 April 2005, at which date the new DRs will be admitted to trading and listing on Euronext Amsterdam. After the offering, ECP will have approximately 34.4 million DRs outstanding.
Eurocommercial Properties' CEO, Jeremy Lewis commented that he was extremely pleased with the result of the issue which illustrated the resilience of sound property securities in the face of otherwise uncertain equity markets.
Additional information
For additional information please contact:
Jeremy Lewis
+ 31 20 530 6030
Evert Jan van Garderen
+ 31 20 530 6030
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