IDenta Corp. Products Demonstrated in Meetings with Chinese Officials Yield Positive Results

Business Trip to U.K. Planned

Jerusalem, ISRAEL

JERUSALEM, May 17, 2005 (PRIMEZONE) -- IDenta Corp. (Pink Sheets:IDTA) announces, as noted in the press release issued in April, that last week a representative of the company, Mr. Amir Shoham, demonstrated IDenta's products in China. The products were pres0ented to members of the Chinese federal police, the drug unit and lab staff.

The presentation included a demonstration with illicit drugs and the results were extremely positive. There is a very good chance that the various units of the Chinese police will begin using IDenta products in the near future.

The Chinese market has tremendous potential and the success of this meeting marks a major milestone for IDenta's global marketing efforts.

As was announced in the press release dated January 11, 2005, IDenta is represented in China by Tafnit Communication Ltd., which has been active in this market since 1987 and is well connected with Chinese institutional organizations.

In the coming weeks, IDenta will finalize work flows and processes for penetration of its products into the Chinese market.


PBS Poland Ltd. is the sole representative of IDenta in Poland for the civilian and police markets. Negotiations between the two companies were completed last month and the Polish company has already ordered several hundred kits for trials in the Polish market.


During the week of May 22, 2005, Yaacov Shoham, IDenta CEO, will be in the U.K. and hold meetings with local companies regarding the sale and marketing of IDenta products to institutional and civilian markets. Another important reason for the visit is to arrange investment of $1 million in IDenta by local financial organizations. All meetings in the U.K. have been well planned and scheduled in advance with local players. During this trip, every effort will be made to execute agreements regarding the matters outlined above.

Further to the press releases issued on April 25th, and April 28th, 2005, IDenta Corp. is pleased to announce more companies that will represent the IDenta Corp. in the American and United Kingdom markets:

 2. Access Diagnostic Tests UK Ltd -

In addition to the two mentioned companies IDenta Corp. is in a final stage to have agreements with more companies from U.S. and United Kingdom. The names of the companies will be released in the near future.

About IDenta Corp.

IDenta Corp. develops, manufactures, and distributes proprietary on-site drugs-of-abuse testing products (chemical kit) for the professional and civil markets. The Company's products include rapid test kits (substance only) for the detection of marijuana/hashish, ecstasy, cocaine/crack, and heroin.



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