XMPie Launches uStore, A Self-Contained Web-To-Print Storefront Application

Introduces PersonalEffect 2.0 and Special Purpose Modules: XLIM and uChart

New York, New York, UNITED STATES

PHILADELPHIA, May 17, 2005 (PRIMEZONE) -- XMPie Inc., the leading provider of software for dynamic publishing, today released uStore(tm) at AIIM ON DEMAND 2005. uStore is a self-contained web-to-print solution for variable documents, giving print service providers, creative agencies and corporate marketing departments the ability to build fully functional, web-to-print online stores in a matter of hours without involving programmers. uStore includes e-commerce capabilities for document ordering and customization. Users can set up unique branded stores for multiple internal or external clients, tailoring the pricing, preferences, permissions, design and print parameters to fit each customer. uStore integrates with all PersonalEffect(tm) 2.0 and uDirect(tm) 2.0 products.

XMPie is concurrently releasing PersonalEffect 2.0, the newest version of its flagship variable data publishing software. For the first time, XMPie is also introducing special purpose modules, which can be added to XMPie products to enhance workflow and expand design capabilities. PersonalEffect 2.0 includes a series of enhanced features for more advanced document formatting, output optimization and further support for Xerox(r) FreeFlow(tm).

XMPie is demonstrating uStore and PersonalEffect 2.0 in booth #2152.

Special Purpose Modules

uChart(tm): uChart gives XMPie users the ability to create data-driven variable charting within their VDP documents using Adobe(r) InDesign(r) CS. With a simple double click, variable tabular information can be displayed as pie, bar, area or line charts to which a user can assign standard attributes such as legends, fonts and colors. uChart references the color palette from InDesign to maintain color consistency and offers true WYSIWYG proofing throughout the design process.

uChart is available for PersonalEffect 2.0 and uDirect Professional 2.0.

XLIM(tm) Composition Engine: XLIM (pronounced "slim") is XMPie's solution for dramatically faster processing and generation of variable data print-stream files for "business documents" graphically simple documents that are produced in long runs and require extremely fast processing speed. With XLIM, users can expect an approximate 10 to 30 times increase in processing speeds to generate output files. Documents are created through the proven process of integration with InDesign through uCreate(tm) or uDirect. The document is then exported in XLIM format and uploaded for regular processing on the uProduce(tm) server.

XLIM is available for PersonalEffect 2.0.

In addition, the new features of PersonalEffect 2.0 include:

 -- AutoFlow:  AutoFlow takes over when story lengths or
    variable tables vary widely from recipient to recipient
    and in cases when standard copy fitting doesn't resolve
    the overflow. AutoFlow will automatically add pages as
    needed to each instance of a document and can work in
    conjunction with copy fitting to accommodate extra text.

 -- One PDF per Recipient Output: This additional output option
    allows the automatic generation of individual PDF documents
    -- one per each recipient. These can be linked to, or used
    as attachments for, e-mails for easy electronic distribution.
    Individual PDF documents can also be used for versioning
    when the final pieces will be printed on conventional
    offset presses.

 -- VI Container Support for Xerox FreeFlow:  XMPie, as a
    Xerox FreeFlow premier partner, further enhances the
    workflow by providing VI Container support for VIPP.
    VI Containers are a more inclusive package of files and
    instructions that better automate standard functions for
    print jobs. VI Containers are supported by FreeFlow
    compliant RIPs.

XMPie products will be on display at AIIM ON DEMAND 2005 from May 17 - 19 at the following booth locations:

                           XMPie   Xerox    Adobe     HP    Xeikon   
   XMPie Products          #2152   #1601    #833    #1224   #2517    
 uStore                      x                                       
 PersonalEffect 2.0          x       x                        x      
 VIPP Container Support      x       x                               
 XLIM Composition            x                                       
 uChart                      x                                       
 uDirect Professional 2.0    x       x        x       x              
 uDirect Standard 2.0        x       x        x       x              

For more information, visit www.xmpie.com

About XMPie

XMPie Inc. is the leading provider of software for dynamic publishing. Its variable data publishing (VDP) solutions PersonalEffect and uDirect help businesses efficiently design and produce highly personalized marketing materials that are proven to significantly increase consumer response rates. Its award-winning PersonalEffect software produces on-demand, highly targeted 1:1 marketing communications in print, e-mail and Web. XMPie bridges design, data and printing functions to enable a collaborative production workflow and streamlines document ordering and customization with flexible Web-to-Print applications. XMPie is headquartered in New York with operations in the U.S., Europe and Israel. For more information on XMPie, visit www.xmpie.com.


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