RUPERT, ID -- (MARKET WIRE) -- October 30, 2006 -- E-Wire -- Organix Inc. of Walla Walla, Washington, has announced the completion of its peat moss replacement pilot in Rupert, Idaho. The pilot used the Company's patented FibeRite™ process which takes dairy solids (fiber) from an anaerobic digester and converts it into a high value, peat moss substitute designed for the horticulture industry. The test took place at the Whitesides Dairy biogas plant in Rupert, built and operated by Intrepid Technology and Resources. A full-scale production facility is expected to be operating by early 2007.

"This concept has been five years in the making and we feel that we have created a system that a dairyman can appreciate, regulators can approve and an end-user can depend on," explains Russ Davis, President of Organix. "With the current interest in renewable energy projects, biogas capture remains one of the best ways for a dairy to participate in the market while increasing manure management capabilities. The FibeRite™ system enhances a digester project by creating a high-value product out of the solids while simultaneously addressing many of the environmental concerns associated with dairies."

Davis states the FibeRite™ system gives large dairy CAFOs (confined animal feeding operations) the jump on upcoming regulatory pressures like ammonia emissions, greenhouse gas release and groundwater issues. The product created by this system, RePeat™, has generated considerable interest among nurseries, landscape companies, soil blenders and horticultural users. "The quality control aspect of this system accomplishes two major feats: we are essentially turning out a premium horticultural product as a direct result of designing an environmentally friendly way of dealing with dairy manure." Organix has already received letters of intent to purchase by national companies based on tests to date. He expects 100,000 yards of pre-orders by year end and over 1MM yards ordered or delivered by the end of 2007.

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