OMAHA, NE -- (MARKET WIRE) -- October 30, 2006 -- Quarter Circle Capital, LLC (QC Capital) today announced the acquisition of the fee interest in a neighborhood shopping center in the Dallas Metropolitan area on behalf of QC Capital's recently formed QCC Fund I, L.P. The asset was acquired for approximately $4.1 million and is the first acquisition made by QC Capital on behalf of QCC Fund I.

With offices in Omaha, Nebraska and San Francisco, California, QC Capital focuses on principal acquisitions of distressed or defaulted debt on or fee interests in commercial real estate assets, generally ranging from $2 million to $25 million in value.

"This asset is very representative of both our investment strategy and the target investment parameters of Fund I," said Starr P. Schulke, Chief Investment Officer. "We are pleased with this acquisition and, along with our limited partner in Fund I, we look forward to making similar investments."

About Quarter Circle Capital:

Quarter Circle Capital, LLC makes principal investments in fundamentally sound real estate or debt secured by real estate, the value potential of which it perceives impaired by, among other things, stress caused by obligations of onerous capital structures, shifts in market conditions, property positioning and / or management. QC Capital's senior management includes Starr P. Schulke, Chief Investment Officer, Philip J. Gibson, Managing Director of Acquisitions, John P. Martin, Managing Director of Business Development and James R. Puckett, Chief Executive Officer. Messrs. Gibson and Martin began investing in distressed debt and fee interests in commercial real estate in 1991 and were joined by Mr. Schulke in 1997. Mr. Puckett, whose background includes real estate investment banking and senior level corporate management, joined Messrs. Schulke, Gibson and Martin in 2005 to extend the growth efforts of the company and head the company's executive and finance efforts. For more information about Quarter Circle Capital visit the company's Web site at:

Contact Information: Contact: Melissa Daly or Elisa Marks Brunswick Group (212) 333-3810