LOS ANGELES, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- November 14, 2006 -- Planetwide Games today announced a change of its operating name to Planetwide Media (dba). Planetwide Games, Inc. will now operate under the dba Planetwide Media. This name change reflects the company's increased focus on marketing and promoting its Planetwide Personalized Media Platform featuring its Comic Book Creator™ product line, an interactive self-publishing platform for PCs and the web. Planetwide Media's proprietary Drag 'n Drop™ Comics technology, which is integrated into a wide range of officially licensed products including the Marvel Comic Book Creator™, allows users to create their own personalized comic books using their favorite Marvel characters.

Through licensing agreements with such top-tier brands as Marvel Entertainment, Viacom/ Paramount Pictures, National Geographic Society, Virgin Comics, Speed Racer Enterprises and Sony Online Entertainment, Planetwide Media offers consumers the opportunity to create their own personalized comic books using officially licensed characters and images from these world-class entertainment brands. Planetwide Media produces a next-generation personalized media platform that enables users to email and post their creations on social networking sites such as MySpace, as well as on blogs and other outlets across on the web. This new personalized media platform embraces User Generated Content (UGC) and offers the consumer unparalleled interactive capability with world famous brands.

"Planetwide Media is embarking on an entirely new digital media frontier and our interactive entertainment software is in a category all its own with boundless possibilities," said Kevin Donovan, President of Planetwide Media. "The new Planetwide Media brand reflects the next chapter in Planetwide's mission to broaden our innovative personal media technology enabling consumers to experience next-generation digital entertainment. Customers use the original Comic Book Creator™ software as an easy to use creativity engine. The scope of our business directive is timely to move Planetwide Media beyond games and into a broader range of opportunities."

Planetwide Media will expand the company's product merchandise lines into entertainment, sports, music and lifestyle markets giving consumers a multitude of ways to interact with top-tier brands and explore creative pursuits.

About Planetwide Media

Planetwide Media, a Planetwide Games, Inc. company, provides a unique patent pending, self-publishing software platform for a wide audience of emerging consumers in the digital space. The company provides web enabled tools, software applications and video games that provide personal interactivity. The company's signature product, Comic Book Creator™ is a best of breed digital media platform that embraces User Generated Content (UGC) and enables users to blend their creations into their social networks, their blogs and across the web. Comic Book Creator is an easy to use platform that provides the consumer with a richly enhanced interactive digital experience. Planetwide Media is currently licensing the Comic Book Creator technology and partnering with world-class entertainment, video game, sports, music and lifestyle brands worldwide.

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