RENO, NV -- (MARKET WIRE) -- November 15, 2006 -- According to the latest published report by Synergy Research Group, the worldwide Wireless LAN market jumped 10 percent sequentially and was up 20 percent year-over-year.

Consumer WLAN Equipment increased five percent while Enterprise class WLAN equipment sales grew a record 19 percent. Further, the report shows that the Consumer WLAN segment represented 58 percent of the total WLAN market.

"In a record quarter for the Enterprise, sales were driven by growth across all WLAN Infrastructure segments, most notably Wireless Switches/Controller and Dependent APs," said Aaron Vance, Senior Analyst at Synergy Research Group. "In the consumer or SOHO/Home segment, modest growth was driven by sales of 802.11g devices, as well as a growing mix of draft 802.11n devices and multimedia products."

Table 1. Q3 2006 US Enterprise WLAN Equipment Sales
                      Position       Q-Q Growth

Cisco                    1               8%

Aruba                    2              12%

Symbol                   3             -20%

HP Pro Curve             4              70%

3Com                     5             -25%

Table 2. Q3 2006 US SOHO/Home WLAN Equipment Sales
                      Position       Q-Q Growth

Linksys                  1               2%

NETGEAR                  2               0%

D-Link                   3             -11%

Belkin                   4             -35%

Buffalo                  5             -12%
Notable sequential market share gainers for the quarter included Belkin, Cisco, D-Link, HP ProCurve, and NETGEAR.

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