BOCA RATON, FL -- (MARKET WIRE) -- November 15, 2006 -- Airspan Networks, Inc. (NASDAQ: AIRN), a leading worldwide provider of WiMAX Forum Certified™ broadband wireless access solutions, and carrier-class Voice over Internet Protocols (VoIP) and Wi-Fi Hotzone systems, today announced that TW-Airnet of Taiwan has chosen Airspan's MicroMAX family of WiMAX™ products to launch WiMAX-based services in Taiwan.

TW-Airnet is part of the Chunghwa United Telecom Group ("CHUT") of companies, which was founded in 2000 to further the development of Taiwan's telecom technology industry. As an innovative leader in the industry, CHUT adopted wireless technologies in 2002, and today has the broadest wireless broadband coverage among telecom operators in Taiwan. TW-Airnet started as a pre-paid calling card company and quickly gained an outstanding technical and customer service reputation in the telecom industry. Today, the company provides customers with wireless Internet access, ADSL, and the MOD system, a home entertainment set top box with home-banking service capabilities. Focused on enhancing its leading position in internet service and broadband access, TW-Airnet has selected Airspan for deployment of a WiMAX™ network in the 5.8GHz band in 11 Taiwanese cities. TW-Airnet will use Chu-I Enterprise as its technology integration partner on this project. The initial deployment in Kinmen Island and Taichung City commenced in the first half of 2006.

Airspan's WiMAX™ products and services will be a key component of TW-Airnet's broadband wireless architecture. By selecting Airspan's MicroMAX base stations, TW-Airnet will be able to deliver new and innovative Internet access, VoIP and multimedia services to its customers with greater speed. TW-Airnet will also improve its operational and capital expenditure efficiencies while advancing the network technology and service control that it and its customers need for long-term business success.

"Competition in Taiwan's broadband market has been increasingly intense since liberalization. It is therefore very important for TW-Airnet to maintain its leadership position in the market. We can do so only if we use a solution like Airspan's, which gives us the most scalable and cost-effective tool for deployments in diverse geographical environments and enables us to create a bundled service offering for our subscribers," said Mr. Chen, Ching-Chin, Chairman of CHUT. "Airspan's MicroMAX solution is high-performance, cost-effective and easy to manage. It will further help us maintain our leading status by providing better services to our customers throughout our network."

"Airspan is delighted to have been chosen by Taiwan's largest and most experienced broadband operator to enhance its services and expand its footprint," said Henrik Smith-Petersen, Airspan's President Asia Pacific. "With the broadest portfolio of WiMAX Forum Certified™ products currently in the market, Airspan has an in-depth understanding of different geographies and customer needs in diverse markets. Our WiMAX™ technologies, already field-proven in more than 60 countries, will certainly bring benefits to TW-Airnet's expansion."

Airspan first announced the launch of its MicroMAX base station in March 2006 in the 3.5GHz FDD band. The base station is based on the high-performance SQN2010 WiMAX Forum Certified™ base station system design of Sequans, and was the first cost-optimized, pay-as-you-grow WiMAX™ solution available in the market place. It offers service providers and network operators a unique value proposition of very high performance at an affordable price point. In October 2006 Airspan introduced MicroMAX in the 5.8GHz TDD WiMAX™ profile. The company will add MicroMAX frequencies in the 3.3-3.4GHz TDD band by year's end.

The MicroMAX is Airspan's third AS.MAX base station, the others being MacroMAX and HiperMAX. MicroMAX complements the larger WiMAX™ base stations by being optimized for lower density deployment, such as rural areas, in-fill for coverage holes in Wireless, DSL and cable networks, Enterprise solutions and Public Safety applications.

WiMAX™, WiMAX Forum™ and WiMAX Forum Certified™ are trademarks of the WiMAX Forum.

About TW-Airnet Ltd.

TW-AIRNET, which is part of the Chunghwa United Telecom Group ("CHUT"), was founded in December, 2002. TW-AIRNET dedicates its focus to broadband business, including telecommunication, information, and internet network business. Via integrated knowledge and technology such as huge power redundant systems, network monitoring platforms and network operation centers, 24-hour network maintenance stations, advanced data center environments, and Super UPS, TW-AIRNET aims to satisfy end user's multiple needs and provide a robust total solution. As a pioneer in Taiwan's telecom technology industry, TW-AIRNET offers data, multi-media, video and voice services and other applications on IP and ATM thru its 2,000 transmission points around Taiwan's biggest five cities -- Taipei, Taoyuan, Taichung, Tainan and Kaohsiung. TW-AIRNET also integrated several international companies, including NCIC, FAREASTONE, Hwanan Bank, Cisco, and above all, Airspan, into its network with a view to sharing resources and creating reciprocal benefits. Using this platform, TW-AIRNET has partnered with domestic enterprises and government, and provides them with a wireless service platform for diverse use. With Value Added services such as wireless internet, VOIP, IPTV, Video conference, voice messaging, MVNO, and IP-PBX AND Intelligent Building solution, TW-AIRNET enhances the convenience of digital life island wide and leads the telecommunication revolution.

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About Airspan Networks, Inc.

Airspan Networks provides fixed and wireless voice and data systems and solutions, including Voice Over IP (VoIP). Its wireless products serve operators around the world in both licensed and unlicensed frequency bands between 700 MHz and 6 GHz, including both PCS and 3.5GHz international bands. Airspan has a strong wireless product roadmap that includes products meeting 802.11 a/b/g Wi-Fi standards, and WiMAX Forum Certified™ equipment that includes software upgradeability to the Mobile WiMAX™ 802.16e-2005 standard. Airspan is on the Board and is a founder member of the WiMAX Forum and a member of the Wi-Fi Alliance. The Company has deployments in more than 100 countries with more than 400 operators, 100 of which use Airspan's WiMAX Forum Certified™ and non-certified products. Airspan's wireless systems are based on radio technology that delivers excellent area coverage, high security and resistance to fading. These systems can be deployed rapidly and cost effectively, providing an attractive alternative to traditional wired communications networks. Airspan's AS.TONE VoIP system is a carrier class, turnkey solution that provides carriers with Class 4, Class 5 and IP-Centrex solutions and has a Softswitch and Gateways supporting SIP/H323 and SIP. AS.Tone's design provides customers, carriers, next-generation telcos, cellular providers and ITSP with a wide range of solutions with the best price/performance system for IP telephony. Airspan also offers radio planning, network installation, integration, training and support services to facilitate the deployment and operation of its systems. Airspan is headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida with its main operations center in Uxbridge, United Kingdom.

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