COLUMBUS, OH -- (MARKET WIRE) -- November 16, 2006 -- Recognizing that the customer is boss is a requirement for success in today's marketplace. Nowhere is this more apparent than in targeting consumers via advertising, especially since 92.5% of them say they are regularly or occasionally avoiding advertising, according to BIGresearch's latest Simultaneous Media Survey (SIMM VIII). Over 15,000 consumers 18 years or older participated in the survey and for those who plan on making a purchase of a durable product, such as a car, computer, furniture, appliance, major home improvement or TV, the number is even higher for avoiding advertising at 93%.

"Traditional advertising is linear-based with marketers pushing information out into the marketplace. The problem is that consumers now have access to unlimited amounts of information and are tuning out conventional advertising," said Joe Pilotta, VP of Research for BIGresearch.

So what's a retailer to do? One way of solving the dilemma is to ask the consumer. For example, when asked which media most influences purchases of electronics, here are the top five answers cited by consumers who regularly/occasionally avoid advertising:

   Word of Mouth
   Read Article on Product
   TV / Broadcast
   Newspaper Inserts
   Internet Advertising
"As more marketers focus on the ROI of their media campaigns, they will need to integrate the consumer into their plans and understand how to most effectively reach them in order to influence a transaction," said Pilotta.

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