U-Haul Center Magnum Street Notice of Relocation of Customers' Personal Property Demanded by Durham County

Phoenix, Arizona, UNITED STATES

DURHAM, N.C., Dec. 1, 2006 (PRIME NEWSWIRE) -- "The U-Haul Center Magnum Street has been a part of the Durham County community, serving citizens' moving and storage needs for almost 30 years," stated Paul Smedberg, president U-Haul Company of Raleigh. "It is with extreme regret that we inform you of this eviction and loss of convenience to our valued customers."

On or about November 16, 2006, U-Haul Company of Raleigh received notice from the Durham County Board of Commissioners informing U-Haul that all customers storing their personal property at the U-Haul Center Mangum Street storage facility, located at 247 South Magnum Street, MUST REMOVE their personal property on or before February 12, 2007, as a result of the county taking the property for public use through the power of eminent domain. The Durham County Board of Commissioners will be erecting an onsite parking lot for the new court house.

It has been the company's experience, in evictions of this type, for the condemning authority, in this case Durham County, to provide relocation assistance to the affected tenants. Regretfully, the notice from Durham County did not contain any information regarding Durham County sponsoring any relocation-assistance program, and Durham County has not shown any willingness to provide assistance to ease the burden of our customers' relocation.

It is our desire to help ease the transition for our customers and to help minimize their relocation expenses. To that end, we have been actively working with local self-storage operators to find alternative self-storage solutions for our customers.

U-Haul is pleased to inform our customers that the two local independent self-storage operators listed below have agreed to provide U-Haul customers with one month of free storage at their facilities.

 Geer 70 Self-Storage
 1904 Aiken Ave. (between Geer St. and the Hwy. 70 overpass)
 Durham, NC
 Phone:  (919) 688-0433
 This facility is located 1.9 miles from U-Haul Center Magnum Street

 Security Self Storage
 1945 East Cornwallis Rd.
 Durham, NC
 Phone:  (919) 361-1095
 This facility is located 4.3 miles from U-Haul Center Magnum Street

It is our sincere desire to help simplify our customers' transitions. If we can be of any additional assistance or if you have any questions, please call us at (800) 850-2330.

The Durham County commissioners are available at 200 East Main St., 2nd Floor Old Court House, Durham, NC 27701, (919)-560-0027, fax (919)560-0013.

U-Haul has been a part of local communities across North America for over 60 years, providing products and services to do-it-yourself movers. Customers can rent storage from over 1,057 U-Haul owned storage facilities across the United States and Canada by calling their neighborhood U-Haul center, by visiting www.uhaul.com or by contacting the U-Haul national reservation system, at 1-800-GO-UHAUL.



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