WALTHAM, MA--(CCNMatthews - December 04, 2006) - Allocation Solutions, LLC (www.allocationsolutions.com), a developer of innovative eXtensible Business Reporting Language (XBRL(R)) software systems, today announced the release of DataXchanger and DX Express, two XBRL conversion, rendering, validation, and publishing software solutions. DataXchanger(TM) is a technically sophisticated, but easy-to-use XBRL end-to- end conversion solution built for desktop and server environments. It supports the entire range of XBRL internal/external financial and regulatory reporting and XBRL GL. The software has been designed to improve the quality and the efficiency of the reporting process, saving users time and money. DX Express(TM) is an OEM version of DataXchanger, providing global software vendors with an effective XBRL customer solution. According to Robert Gold, president of Allocation Solutions, LLC, vendors recognize that investing in rather than building an XBRL capability provides the most cost-effective return on investment. Gold adds DX Express can be easily modified to meet the particular use case requirements of individual software companies, allowing them to be quick to market with a transparent XBRL conversion solution. "2007 will be the year of XBRL in the United States and around the world," says Gold. "Allocation Solutions focused on XBRL solutions that hide the complexity of XBRL so users only see the process and cost benefits XBRL utilization brings. The potential uses for our versatile XBRL conversion tools are as limitless as the use cases for XBRL." SEC XBRL Voluntary Filing Program Allocation Solutions and Houston, Texas-based EDGARfilings, Ltd. (www.EDGARfilings.com), the leading provider of compliance solutions from Sarbanes-Oxley to EDGAR, have partnered to develop an XBRL product specifically designed for the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) market. "EDGARfilings' decision to partner with Allocation Solutions was made after an extensive review of XBRL conversion solution options," says Nicholas C Neblett, president of EDGARfilings. "Allocation Solutions shares our approach of taking a complex process and simplifying and streamlining it for our clients," Neblett adds. "We support the great progress Chairman Cox and the SEC are making on turning their XBRL vision into reality. Our partnership allows us to leverage the power of XBRL and our market leading EDGARizer(TM) Software Suite to provide SEC filers with a single user-friendly filing solution." Dutch Taxonomy Project (NTP) Unit4Agresso was one of the initial software suppliers in the Netherlands to embrace XBRL and one of the first software suppliers to commit to XBRL by signing the NTP Covenant in June 2006. "DataXchanger and DX Express promise the integration of XBRL processing power at a minimum of cost and effort, making the Unit4Agresso software ready to grasp the XBRL opportunity," says Martin van Vliet, Strategic Manager at Unit4Agresso Accountancy. Allocation Solutions is partnering with Business Excellence Partners, based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, to service the Benelux market. Gold adds, "Users of XBRL typically are not interested in the mechanics of the underlying technology. They want to avail themselves of the power hidden beneath a user-friendly interface." When Luther Hampton, one of the original creators of XBRL, and Robert Gold, a CPA with 30 years of experience, teamed to develop DataXchanger their objective was to build an XBRL solution that is technically powerful, meeting all XBRL global standards, yet is readily familiar and usable to financial professionals. About Allocation Solutions: Allocation Solutions, LLC is a developer of innovative XBRL business and financial management solutions. The company is based in Waltham, Massachusetts, USA. Allocation Solutions distributes worldwide through an international reseller network. For information on product sales and pricing; reseller and/or vendor partnership opportunities, please contact: /T/ Leanne Travers Allocation Solutions, LLC 1601 Trapelo Rd., St. 202 Waltham, Mass. 02451 781-890-3455 Fax: 781-890-1154 leanne.travers@allocationsolutions.com /T/ About EDGARfilings EDGARfilings, Ltd. is the leading provider of SEC compliance solutions from Sarbanes-Oxley to EDGAR, serving financial, legal and corporate clients across the globe since 1993. We help thousands of clients, including many Fortune 10 companies, meet their compliance requirements. EDGARfilings leads the way through our high-quality, cost-effective software and services to simplify the entire compliance process.

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