ARLINGTON, VA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- December 5, 2006 -- MyPublicInfo, Inc. (, a leading provider of identity scoring and monitoring solutions for consumers, announced today that Martin Bosworth has joined the company. Bosworth, a well-known consumer expert, will be responsible for the company's messaging and strategic communications.

Prior to joining MyPublicInfo, Bosworth worked as a technology and business freelance writer. His chief area of expertise is identity theft, and he has authored hundreds of articles dealing with the complex subject of protecting personal information. Bosworth's work has appeared in publications ranging from independent consumer news site ConsumerAffairs.Com to Men In Nursing magazine. He is regularly consulted for business advice and strategy on how to handle data security, preventing fraud in the online and offline worlds and enabling data brokers to share information responsibly and transparently.

"We are delighted to have Martin on the MPI team. As our company grows, it is very important that we actively recruit expert consultants who can provide new insights to help us ensure that we are offering top of the line services to our clients," said Dr. Harold Kraft, CEO of MyPublicInfo. "Martin's expertise on the subjects of identity theft and consumer protection makes him an invaluable resource not only for MPI, but also for consumers seeking our proactive solutions in the personal information sector."

Prior to his freelance career, Bosworth analyzed and wrote policy for the Department of Health and Human Services' Policy Information Center and the Department of Defense.

Bosworth's extensive experience will complement MyPublicInfo's three key consumer identity protection services:

1. (NFS) - a free online quiz for users to learn how much they know about keeping personal and financial information safe.

2. - the first real-time identity management service for consumers, featuring a state-of-the art identity fraud detection technology that scans billions of online records for suspicious activity.

3. and The Public Information Profile, PIP at, that offers consumers an easy-to-read, easy-to-understand report containing public records and public domain information gathered from an aggregated database of nearly 20 billion records

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