AUSTIN, TX -- (MARKET WIRE) -- December 5, 2006 -- MessageOne, a leading business continuity and email management company, today announced a new version of its flagship EMS Email Continuity solution that features full integration with Microsoft Outlook so users can continue sending and receiving email as usual during any email outage. The EMS Email Continuity service is the only email continuity offering to combine protection against all common email threats, seamless Outlook integration, and support for BlackBerry wireless devices, all in an affordable and easy-to-deploy solution.

Proven Email Continuity Meets Critical Need

While email has grown in importance and become the most used and most critical business application, some 75% of companies are expected to experience an unplanned email outage in the next year, according to research from MessageOne.

Many organizations have found that traditional approaches to high availability, such as replication, are expensive and still vulnerable to lengthy outages caused by database corruption, Active Directory corruption, configuration errors, viruses, and malware. As the only approach to provide full protection against outages, email continuity-managed services have grown rapidly. Up until now, these systems have required users to switch to a web-based back-up email system during outages, causing user disruption.

Email Outages without Worries

More than 1,000 companies and millions of users depend on MessageOne's EMS Email Continuity to eliminate the risk of email downtime. Unlike other continuity solutions, EMS is fully integrated with Microsoft Outlook. When email outages occur, administrators can failover to EMS in less than 60-seconds. Behind the scenes, EMS automatically redirects users as they work in Outlook to a Linux-based back-up email managed service that has no dependencies on Exchange, Active Directory, or a company's internal IT infrastructure.

With EMS, email outages become invisible to end users as they switch automatically between a company's internal Exchange server and the EMS Email Continuity managed service. EMS supports all essential Outlook capabilities and provides direct access to historical email, calendaring and contact information.

"Exchange outages are a fact of life in today's corporate world -- but it does not have to mean that businesses must grind to a screeching halt," said Satin Mirchandani, President and CEO of MessageOne. "Our new EMS Email Continuity managed service makes outages invisible to end users through transparent integration with Outlook. With a strong reputation for reliability, affordability and easy deployment, our EMS Email Continuity service is the only way to make email downtime a relic of the past."

Key features of EMS Email Continuity include:

Guaranteed 60 second email continuity - full email access through
Outlook, a web browser or BlackBerry wireless device.

Total downtime protection - uninterrupted global email access no matter
what the cause of the outage.

Highest continuity, lowest cost - allows administrators to control
costs by providing granular control of the amount of email history
stored for each user.

Unparalleled security - satisfies the most stringent regulations and
hosted within hardened secure data centers.

Active compliance - fully compliant with third party archiving systems
and corporate email retention policies.

Quick recovery - automatically moves all sent, received, and deleted
email back to primary system in one step, with all forensic information

Fully managed service - requires no dedicated staff and can be deployed
in a few hours.

EMS Suite Offers Most Comprehensive Solution

EMS Email Continuity is part of MessageOne's Email Management Services (EMS). In addition to Continuity, EMS provides email recovery, security and archiving for compliance, e-discovery, and storage management.

The new version of EMS Email Continuity is now available with pricing starting at $2.00 per user, per month, depending on configuration and number of seats.

About MessageOne

MessageOne (, based in Austin, Texas, is a leading business continuity and email management company. MessageOne's suite of managed services includes its Email Management Services (EMS)™ offering that includes Email Continuity, Email Archive, BlackBerry Continuity, Email Security, Email Recovery and Email Encryption. In addition, MessageOne delivers communications and application availability services with AlertFind™, the leading enterprise emergency notification and escalation platform; and OneSwitch™, the only solution to provide automated one button failover service for Windows applications. More than 1,000 customers depend on MessageOne for its award-winning managed services delivered from a global network of DR data centers.

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