AUSTIN, TX -- (MARKET WIRE) -- December 5, 2006 -- MessageOne (, the leading business continuity and email management company, announced new storage management capabilities for EMS Archive that enable organizations to reduce the size of email data stores by as much as 80 percent. Designed for use by CIOs, compliance officers and legal counsel, EMS Archive is the only email archiving managed service to meet the key "Big 4" enterprise requirements for email archiving: storage management, legal discovery, compliance, and disaster recovery/business continuity.

Superior Storage Management/Mailbox Management

Over the last five years, email message stores have ballooned as email volumes -- and the amount of email saved by users -- has grown exponentially. In most organizations, message stores have become so large that the time required to back up and restore email has become too large to comply with corporate requirements. As a result, organizations have imposed unpopular email quotas that require users to continually delete messages.

MessageOne's EMS Email Archive is the first email archiving managed service to alleviate the pain of large message stores while allowing users to store an unlimited amount of messages. With EMS Email Archive's new storage management capabilities, email administrators can set rules that migrate email messages and attachments to the archive after a predetermined period -- typically 30 days. EMS automatically moves the email, leaving the header information and a "stub" that points the user seamlessly to the archived attachment. The result is dramatic: administrators can eliminate mailbox quotas and simultaneously reduce the size of data store by 80%, greatly speeding back-up, recovery, and maintenance.

In addition to storage management, EMS Email Archive provides a secure, cost-effective "store once, use everywhere" email management solution that simultaneously addresses the biggest challenges facing CIOs and email administrators. A fully managed service, EMS Email Archive securely stores email offsite based on specific email retention policies determined by the organization. Once email is stored, EMS Email Archive helps companies ensure continuity and recovery, improve the performance of production email systems, save messages to comply with regulatory requirements, and facilitate rapid discovery and production of email for legal purposes.

Because it is a managed service, MessageOne can deploy EMS Email Archive for organizations of all sizes in a few days, with a total cost of ownership (TCO) that is significantly less than on-premise email archive software. In addition, EMS Email Archive requires minimal ongoing maintenance and no dedicated IT staff.

As email has emerged as the most widely used software application in virtually every corporate enterprise, the need for email storage and management has also increased. According to IDC (Sept. 2006) forecasts, the email archiving application market will reach $471 million in 2006 and grow to $1.004 billion in 2010, a five-year compound annual growth rate.

"Email is a critical application and businesses are struggling with the complexity of providing policy-based retention rules for compliance, managing the ever-growing size of mailboxes, making sure that email never goes down (including BlackBerry devices), and that no messages are ever lost," said Satin Mirchandani, President and CEO of MessageOne. "While piece-meal solutions exist today to solve many of these problems individually, our solution is the first solution that solves all these problems with one easy-to-use and easy-to-deploy managed service."

In addition to superior storage management, EMS Archive delivers these benefits:


Email is admissible in court and likely to be requested during legal discovery processes. EMS Archive makes it fast and easy for legal counsel to search selected mailboxes or the entire email environment using any search criteria. EMS provides sub-second full text search and retrieval of all email and 370 types of attachments. Search results can then be easily exported to a legal discovery system or to a dedicated Exchange mailbox for legal review.

Record Retention and Compliance

Companies are subject to many laws and regulations that require long-term retention of documents, including email. For example, Sarbanes-Oxley requires public companies to save all business records, including electronic records and messages, for no less than five years. At the same time, all relevant audit-related documentation (including email records) must be retained for seven years.

With EMS Archive, administrators are able to set granular retention and deletion policies, ensuring that email messages are stored properly and deleted at the appropriate time. Administrators can easily control which mailboxes are included, or excluded from the archive, including setting policies that retain email for different durations based on a department, job function or other attributes.

Continuity and Recovery

When combined with EMS Email Recovery and EMS Email Continuity, EMS Archive ensures that companies will never lose access to email and that no message will ever be lost. EMS Continuity allows users to activate a standby email system in less than 60 seconds and provide full email capabilities, including direct access to the historical email contained in the archive. Once the server is restored, EMS Recovery helps recover any emails that may have been lost since the last backup.

Pricing and Availability

EMS Email Archive can be delivered as a stand-alone service or as part of a fully managed service from MessageOne (Email Continuity, Email Recovery, Encryption, BlackBerry Continuity, etc) which can be deployed in a few hours, requires no dedicated staff, and can be easily administered from a single web console.

MesssageOne's EMS Archive managed service is currently available, with pricing starting at $3 per mailbox a month.

About MessageOne

MessageOne (, based in Austin, Texas, is a leading business continuity and email management company. MessageOne's suite of managed services includes its Email Management Services (EMS)™ offering that includes Email Continuity, Email Archive, BlackBerry Continuity, Email Security, Email Recovery and Email Encryption. In addition, MessageOne delivers communications and application availability services with AlertFind™, the leading enterprise emergency notification and escalation platform; and OneSwitch™, the only solution to provide automated one button failover service for Windows applications. More than 1000 customers depend on MessageOne for its award-winning managed services delivered from a global network of DR data centers.

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