ATLANTA, GA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- December 6, 2006 -- Recordant, the first company to deliver "Moment of Truth Intelligence (MOTI)" through face-to-face audio capture, analytics and consultative services has signed an agreement with Atlanta-based Nexidia that will turn up the volume on its audio analytics capabilities.

Nexidia is the developer of the most effective phonetic-based technology solutions for audio and video search. Recordant's next generation software platform, Sound Mirror 2.0, incorporates Nexidia's phonetic indexing and search technology through a licensing agreement with Nexidia. Nexidia's licensing agreement also includes word spotting and filtering systems resulting in improved processing speeds of Recordant's proprietary technology by up to 50 percent.

"Recordant is defining an entirely new retail technology sector with our Moment of Truth Intelligence solutions," states Jeff Neppl, chief executive officer and president, Recordant. "Moment of Truth Intelligence empowers retailers to quickly and easily understand what is happening on the sales floor during every interaction, every day. Until now, retailers have never before had access to this type of rich, manageable and actionable intelligence. Nexidia's technology complements our analytical engine by processing captured audio at exceptionally high speeds without ever putting a human ear to the data. The result is qualitative, near real-time intelligence that enables our clients to improve employee productivity, customer service and sales in order to compete and profitably differentiate."

"We are very pleased that Recordant is leveraging our technology in this way. Doing so takes speech analytics into a completely new realm and this growth will open many new doors for us and the industry overall," said John Willcutts, chief executive officer and president, Nexidia.

Recordant believes its timing is ideal as the economy bounces back, consumer confidence is up and yet, consumer satisfaction is down. The recent findings from The American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI), 1994-2004, show Retail (72.6) and Government (68.3) as two sectors with the lowest customer satisfaction levels, both of which are areas of emphasis for Recordant. Only Transportation/Communications/ Utilities (69.7) is comparable. Banks (74) and Hotels (72) also have significant room for customer satisfaction improvements.

"The ACSI rankings further validate Recordant's primary vertical markets -- retail, banking, hospitality, automotive and government," acknowledges Neppl. "Many of these sectors are suffering from eroding customer satisfaction and until now they have not been able to measure each and every retail customer interaction to identify and correct the underlying issues." Many issues negatively impacting customer satisfaction occur on the sales floor during employee interactions with customers. Recordant's technology enables retailers to identify, qualify, train, monitor and reinforce change within the retail environment resulting in improved customer experiences.

About Recordant

Recordant delivers "Moment of Truth Intelligence (MOTI)" solutions through frontline capture technology in order to maximize employee potential and customer satisfaction. Frontline capture technology incorporates audio capture, analytics and consultative services enabling clients to see what is actually happening on the sales floor across every interaction, every day. Companies within retail, hospitality, automotive, financial services and government sectors gain critical insight and the ability to impact employee productivity, service levels, sales activity, training, compliance, product direction and promotions. Recordant clients typically operate 100 or more locations, have employees which require specialized knowledge, training and orientation and leverage high-end interpersonal skills as a market differentiator. Based in Alpharetta, Georgia, Recordant is a private company. For more information, visit

About Nexidia

Nexidia is a provider of highly scalable and accurate rich media search and speech analytics software. By transforming audio and video data into business intelligence, Nexidia allows both government and commercial enterprises, in industries such as Healthcare, Insurance, Financial Services, Media Creation and Aggregation, Telecommunications and Outsourcing, to leverage untapped information previously locked away in audio-video content. Based on years of research and development, Nexidia's phonetic engine is the only technology that allows the user to search on proper names, places, industry terms and jargon without extensive training and cumbersome dictionaries. The process is adaptable to a range of audio analyses and excels across the full spectrum of audio quality. For more information, please visit

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