TEMPE, AZ -- (MARKET WIRE) -- December 6, 2006 --The University of Advancing Technology (UAT) has announced that Erin Ali, a Game Design student, received the Karrlin Field Memorial Scholarship, which awards her $1,000 towards her Spring 2007 tuition. The semiannual award recognizes female UAT game students who are passionate about the game industry.

The Karrlin Field Memorial Scholarship has been awarded to UAT students since the fall of 2006 to women pursuing an education in computer game development and design at UAT. Karrli, as she was known to friends and family, embodied a passion for technology and was a prospective student at UAT. An intelligent and vibrant young woman, Karrli was an aspiring writer and artist who dreamed of a career as a game designer. Unfortunately, she would never attend UAT--diagnosed with cystic fibrosis at an early age, she passed away in 2004 at the age of 17. Her memory lives on in the Karrlin Field Scholarship, which was formed by Karrli's family.

Upon hearing the news that she had been awarded the scholarship, Ms. Ali was thrilled. "I'm really excited that I won, and I'm really happy that this is going to help towards my last semester here," she said. Ms. Ali applied for the endowment after reading Karrlin's website. "You could tell she didn't do it because she had to or that she did it because she felt she should, but it was something she really wanted to do," she enthused. "I sat down and went through a whole biography on myself and how that experience had got me to where I am today, and with more help I could do more," she recalled.

The Karrlin Field Memorial Scholarship is sponsored by the Karrlin Field Memorial Fund, administered by the Chester County Community Foundation, Inc., a non-profit organization in Pennsylvania. The purpose of the Fund is to provide financial support for scholarships and charitable purposes related to causes that honor the life, creative works and memory of Karrlin Field.

For further information on the life and works of Karrlin Field, please visit www.karrli.com. To make a tax-deductible donation to the Karrlin Field Memorial Fund, please visit www.chescocf.org and click on "Donate Online." To apply for the Karrlin Field Memorial Scholarship at UAT, please visit www.uat.edu/scholarships.

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