SAN JOSE, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- December 7, 2006 -- Discera, Inc., a World Leader in CMOS MEMS resonator technology and provider of next-generation timing solutions, and TecStar Company, a leading distributor of semiconductor-based, high-value-added electronic products, equipment, and software for the electronics, information and communications industries, today announced a partnership to distribute Discera's CMOS MEMS Resonator-based timing products. TecStar Company will represent Discera and distribute its products to Japan's leading electrical and electronic product manufacturers.

Discera offers the industry's first proven CMOS MEMS-based resonators for the timing market. CMOS MEMS-based resonators enable electronics companies to overcome challenges posed by quartz crystal technology, which has been virtually unchanged for more than 50 years. The company's PureSilicon™ resonator technology is a fundamental building block that can be used in creating fully integrated, low cost, small form factor wireline and wireless products such as oscillators, filters and RF components. Unlike crystal-based timing products, Discera's PureSilicon CMOS MEMS Resonator-based timing products offer significant advantages in size, power and cost along with exceptional quality and reliability.

By moving from quartz to CMOS, manufacturers of consumer electronics and other devices will realize a number of benefits including scalability, reliability, programmability and low power. Through this partnership, TecStar Company will provide Japanese manufacturers with the foundation necessary to deliver smaller revolutionary multifunction consumer electronic products.

"As product design continues to reduce in size, CMOS MEMS resonator technology will have an important role in electronic devices," said Shoichi Kita, Company President, TecStar Company. "Discera's products fit very well with our current product lines, and our customers will benefit from the support of Discera's technology. We are pleased to partner with them to provide superior timing technology to the Japanese market."

"Timing components are the heartbeat of every electronic device," said Venkat Bahl, vice president of marketing, Discera, Inc. "Japan is a key market for components intended for these electronic devices. Discera's timing technology will enable Japanese electronics designers to dramatically reduce their time to market and overall costs while simultaneously meeting consumer demands for more sophisticated multifunction products that are smaller, more intelligent, require less power and are easier to use. We are excited about this partnership with TecStar Company and their proven record of providing world class technology solutions to electronic designers."

About TecStar Company

TecStar Company is a division of Macnica, Inc. Since its establishment in 1972, Macnica, Inc. has specialized in supplying the electronics, information and communications industries with a wide variety of semiconductor-based, high-value-added electronic products, equipment, and software. The Company and its subsidiaries are leaders in the high-technology fields in which they operate. In recent years, in addition to supplying devices, Macnica also provides customers with in-depth technical support. The Company has two business domains, which are semiconductors and electronic devices, and network-related products. Its customers include Japan's leading electrical and electronic products manufacturers. For more information please visit

About Discera

Discera is a fabless analog semiconductor company that offers tiny, high performance silicon resonators for the frequency and timing control markets. These resonators act as the heartbeat or pulse for a variety of devices from consumer products such as cameras and MP3 players to specialized equipment for the military. The company's PureSilicon™ resonator technology is a fundamental building block that offers, according to Semico Research, "a better mousetrap" for creating fully integrated, low cost, small form factor wireline and wireless products, such as oscillators, filters, and RF components. Unlike crystal based oscillators, Discera's PureSilicon™ based CMOS oscillators can be integrated into other CMOS-based circuits. Founded in 2001 and headquartered in San Jose, California, Discera is a privately held company with investments from Ardesta, Partech, 3i, and Qualcomm Ventures. More information is available at

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