NEW YORK, NY -- (MARKET WIRE) -- December 26, 2006 -- Medis Technologies Ltd. (NASDAQ: MDTL) announced today that its 24/7 Power Pack has completed Underwriters Laboratories (UL) certification and is listed under UL number IRGU.MH45617. Medis' wholly owned subsidiary More Energy Ltd. has been advised by UL that it has satisfied the final step for UL certification -- the Initial Production Inspection (IPI) for its production line in Israel and has the right to apply the UL mark on the Power Packs produced on that line, which it is now doing.

"The completion of UL certification of the 24/7 Power Pack is a remarkable achievement," said Robert K. Lifton, Chairman and CEO of Medis Technologies Ltd. "Congratulations to the More Energy team led by our Chief Technology Officer, Gennadi Finkelshtain for inventing an entirely novel approach to fuel cell technology, developing the 24/7 Power Pack using unique solutions and producing the Power Pack product that meets these high UL standards. This marks the completion of the Power Pack development phase, and we turn our full focus to product sales and high volume manufacturing."

Medis Technologies' primary focus is on direct liquid fuel cell technology. Its business strategy is to sell its products to end users through retail outlets, service providers and to the military and other markets. Medis has also developed the CellScan with many potential applications relating to disease diagnostics and chemo sensitivity. Additionally, Medis' product pipeline includes other technologies, in varying stages of development.

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