WINSTON-SALEM, NC -- (MARKET WIRE) -- January 11, 2007 -- ALR Technologies, Inc. (OTCBB: ALRT) announces that they have received their FCC license for the data communications modem for their patient health management compliance system, one of the crucial final steps prior to full commercial availability. The communications modem allows for remote monitoring of a patient's compliance with disease management treatments, medications and other activities. The communications modem also allows for remote reprogramming of the reminder times and other essential information as well as messaging to the patient about upcoming appointments, precautionary reminders and more.

According to Stan Cruitt, President of ALR Technologies, the benefits provided by the Constant Health Companion™ can improve health outcomes as well as reduce cost of care. "Our compliance system has proven to generate improved health outcome and the long term contributions to healthier and a better quality of life as well as a significant reduction in the cost of healthcare, all of which are serious milestones in health management in the US. Current disease management practice in the US has a significant gap in care that our compliance system fills."

The Constant Health Companion is a compliance reminder and monitoring system that alerts the patient when it's time to take a medication or treatment and displays the exact actions to take on a screen; the patient's compliance can be remotely monitored by a health care provider or family member. The Constant Health Companion has been used in numerous pilots with positive results since February of 2006. Missed medications and treatments or even lateness of administration can result in adverse affects and complications often leading to unnecessary and preventable hospitalization and additional health care expense.

About ALR Technologies Inc:

ALR Technologies, Inc. (ALRT) specializes in health and disease management products and services, and designs and manufactures health management compliance products and compliance monitoring and intervention systems to meet the needs for several targeted user groups. ALRT's system, branded Constant Health Companion, fills a serious gap in standard disease management practices in the US. It provides for continued compliance oversight to help keep people healthy, whether they suffer from diabetes, heart disease, asthma, have had an organ transplant or other serious conditions. More information on ALR Technologies and its products can be found at More information about the Constant Health Companion can be found at:

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