DALLAS, TX -- (MARKET WIRE) -- January 12, 2007 -- NOKA Chocolate, ranked '#1 luxury chocolate in the world' by the food editors of TASTE, is offering a unique suggestion for Valentine's Day gift giving: less is more. Just as a fine wine must be savored to be fully appreciated, indulging in small amounts of the finest single-estate dark chocolate truffles and chocolates offers a sensual tasting experience that can fill this Valentine's Day with magical moments and memories.

Under the guidance of NOKA Chocolatier, Katrina Merrem, NOKA's mission is to build appreciation for high-quality, unadulterated chocolate by using couverture made from the rarest cacao sourced from exclusive plantations around the world. These single-estate chocolates and truffles reveal the terroir, reflecting the distinctive, exciting characteristics of where the cacao was grown.

"This is something few people have ever experienced, so it is very exciting to see and hear them savoring, enjoying and sharing in the complexities of the aromas, tastes and textures," said Merrem.

Merrem offers the following advice for those seeking to fully appreciate a gift of fine chocolate. The secret, says Merrem, is to completely engage all the senses before the tasting begins.

--  Be present! Reward yourself with a few quiet moments to escape from
    your "to do" lists so you can fully enjoy your journey.
--  Capture the aroma! Breathe deeply to explore the variety of notes that
    both reveal and contribute to the flavor while intensifying your
--  Less is more! Taste in small bites so that you do not overwhelm your
    palate. You will be amazed by how much this improves your ability to taste.
--  How does it feel?  Notice the incredible transformation in texture as
    the chocolate melts and slowly disappears.
"By taking it slow, you enhance the entire ceremony of gift giving by making each taste a special journey that excites the palate, heightens anticipation and enhances the tasting experience," said Merrem. "When you finally place a small piece of one of our dark chocolate truffles and chocolates in your mouth and let it melt, you'll find that unexpected flavors develop, fade and linger, ranging from fruity and flowery to spicy and smoky."

Prior to moving on to the next single-estate dark chocolate truffle or chocolate selection, remember to cleanse the palate. Eating an unsalted cracker and enjoying several sips of room temperature water will help prepare your palate for the next exploration. She recommends serving fine dark chocolate at room temperatures of up to 75 degrees to fully reveal the chocolate's flavors and aromas. If you have an affinity for red wine, Merrem recommends whisking your tastebuds away on another journey by pairing different wines with the different estate chocolates.

NOKA Chocolate offers The Vintages Collection™, a compilation of the finest single-estate dark chocolates, and The Grand Cru Collection™, handcrafted truffles made with rare, single-estate dark chocolate and fresh organic cream. Prices range from $16 for a 4-piece Encore Box™ to $234 for a Mixed Encore Collection™ that includes a 48-piece Vintages and a 24-piece Grand Cru. Prices for NOKA's distinctive keepsake stainless steel Signature Box™ range from $39 (4-piece Vintages) to $209 (96-piece Vintages).

Each gift of NOKA Chocolate includes The Optimal Tasting Guide and vividly descriptive Flavor Profiles to provide each gift recipient with the tools to get the most out of their own chocolate tasting. Order NOKA Chocolate by calling 877.270.8209 or purchase online at www.nokachocolate.com. NOKA Chocolate is also available at select Neiman Marcus locations.

Editor's Note: High resolution photos of NOKA's Encore Boxes group are available at www.dpkpr.com/attachments/files/59/enc group2.jpg and Signature Boxes group are available at www.dpkpr.com/attachments/files/62/sig group1.jpg.

About NOKA Chocolate

NOKA Chocolate is an artisan chocolatier dedicated to handcrafting truffles and chocolates made with rare, single-estate dark chocolate. The Company was founded by passionate advocates for gourmet chocolate who are devoted to encouraging an appreciation for chocolate quality and purity as well as the optimal tasting and gifting experience. For further information, visit NOKA's online boutique at www.nokachocolate.com.

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