MIAMI, FL -- (MARKET WIRE) -- January 16, 2007 -- All of Florida's gotten wind, and most Miamians are boarding up their windows and running for cover in preparation for the imminent arrival of MeHow and his latest Bootcamp Lecture/In-Field Training, guaranteed to impact thousands of Pick-Up hopefuls. Indeed no one will be safe on January 26th, 2007 from the throws of MeHow's dynamic romantic tactics, as he storms the interactive beaches spreading his social wisdom, turning any clown into a Casanova in just hours.

Whatever relationship reality you desire (and deserve), MeHow's Bootcamp Lecture/In-Field Training instills the knowledge, confidence and tools required to enter the social field with poise and promise, putting these newfound skills into practice instantly. Be Social! The results are breathtaking & groundbreaking.

The Miami MeHow Bootcamp Lecture/In-Field Training begins January 26th and runs through January 28th, 2007. It includes 3 days of lectures, 5 hours on each day that will literally change your social scene forever.

For a more "hands on" experience, take it to the next level with the In-Field Training (which also includes the Bootcamp Lecture, as well as professional, highest quality female and male approach coaches) and experience first hand what the MeHow philosophy can do.

MeHow is simply revolutionizing our perceptions of the dating scene one match at a time by perfecting the art of Pick-Up. Essentially bridging the gap between those who desire and those who have, MeHow offers practical yet critical philosophy -- as well as some basic brass tacks -- enabling even the foolish and fumbling to flourish, championing a serious social scene. (check out for times & details)

For more information and/or to interview MeHow, please call Eileen Koch at Eileen Koch & Company at (310) 441-1000 or e-mail Eileen at Website:

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