BILLERICA, MA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- January 16, 2007 -- Trillium Software®, a business of Harte-Hanks, Inc. (NYSE: HHS), and a leading enabler of Total Data Quality solutions, today announced the availability of TS Insight, a data quality dashboard, complete with trending and scorecards presented in a Web-based application for domestic and global enterprises. TS Insight presents enterprise-wide data quality metrics in intuitive graphical forms so that the entire data quality team, including data stewards and data governance teams, can monitor changes in data quality and understand how these changes create an impact on an organization.

"TS Insight provides a more sophisticated way to interact with our medical billing information and presents a high-level view of information trends and metrics," said Natalie Flynn, data information analyst supervisor at DaVita Inc, a leading provider of dialysis services for those diagnosed with chronic kidney failure and disease. "The product is allowing me to demonstrate the positive impact of data quality and communicate the importance of data governance to our executives. We now have flexibility to generate reports and track trends easily."

"Measuring and managing adherence to established guidelines for information quality is quickly becoming mandatory at the highest levels within organizations," said Spencer Joyner, corporate officer and vice president, Harte-Hanks, Inc., who also noted that data governance is key to complying with such laws and regulations as Basel II and Sarbanes-Oxley Act.

According to Harte-Hanks Trillium Software, TS Insight monitors and trends data quality statistics and performance indicators in areas such as customer name and address, supply chain, ERP [enterprise resource planning], financial, and other data categories. Keeping track of enterprise data quality has many benefits, and could even mean the difference between compliance and regulatory non-compliance that may lead to penalties and sanctions. In the hands of an organization's data quality champions, TS Insight's highly customisable graphs, trending reports and monitoring alerts keep an organization informed and educated about the state of its data. TS Insight provides a window into what corporate data assets really look like and delivers data metric results in a single consolidated view.

TS Insight can be used in organizations to:

--  Monitor data quality against established metrics and over time
--  Ensure compliance against established data governance rules
--  Demonstrate the positive impact of data quality process improvement
--  Highlight new problem areas in data quality that need to be addressed
--  Build a tangible ROI [return on investment] for data quality
--  Communicate the success of data quality initiatives to multiple
    audiences inside the organization
--  Communicate where additional resources are necessary to improve data
    quality in the company
"TS Insight enables more business users to get involved in understanding the impact of data quality on an organization and is helping to bridge the gap between business and IT users," said Len Dubois, vice president of marketing at Harte-Hanks Trillium Software. "This solution helps global organizations put processes in place to view the status of their data quality in graphical format at any time and any place."

Key features of TS Insight include:

--  Visual Graphics:  High quality charts and graphs that provide instant
    insight into the status of data quality
--  Data Quality Trending:  Monitor data quality metrics over time with
    graphical reports
--  Data Quality Scorecards:  Set thresholds for data quality and monitor
    adherence to standards
--  Customizable Portal:  Create a view for highest priority data quality
    metrics, controlled by drop down menus and Web forms
TS Insight is available immediately. Additionally, Trillium Software will be hosting a webinar on January 24, 2007 at 3:00 p.m. EST titled "Using Data Quality Dashboards to Promote Data Governance" which will give attendees a more in depth look at TS Insight and how it can be leveraged in your organization. To register for this webinar, visit

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